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Legendaries and how to obtain them cheat for Pokemon Conquest


Legendaries and how to obtain them

Arceus - Have eevee or any evolution of eevee at link 80%
then have the hero or heroine at rank 3 skip a
month and the mysterious ruins will appear in
aurora*must be done on the two heroes of ransei*
Groudon - Complete shingen's episode all facilties in
terrera must be at level 2 skip a month and
terra cave will appear in terrera
Mewtwo - Complete kenshin's episode all facilities in
Illusio must be at level 3 skip a month and
mysterious crystal will appear in illuio
Reshiram - Play hideyoshi's episode enter 2rz3XFEKxR as
a password skip months until april game time
shrine of truth will appear in ignis
Zekrom - Play Nobunaga's episode have hydreigon 80% and
nobunaga rank 2 skip a month you wil get the
conqueror crystal give it to nobunaga skip a
month and syllad skies will appear in violight
These are the only legendaries I know how to get

Added by: pokemon21543 Aug 11th 2012, ID#17310 and get
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dude how can we know the facilties btw i got mew2 from some1 who commented here mew2 is easy to get and tell us the frekin facilties plz

Added 19th Jul 2015, ID #586347

i did not get mewtwo from this :(

Added 4th Jul 2015, ID #579496

dude mewtwo is super easy and i got mewtwo from another guy check the other comments

Added 19th Jul 2015, ID #586350

You dont know how to get rayquaza

Added 7th Oct 2014, ID #455769

I can't get Registeel when I have Leyasu at rank2 and all warlords have perfect links and 50% of warriors have perfect links.

Added 1st Aug 2014, ID #429194

Terrakian ran away how do I get it back

Added 30th Jun 2014, ID #409262

Stupid game

Added 28th May 2014, ID #390318

don't know man

Added 8th Mar 2014, ID #362127

To get rayquaza u have to have a legendaries

Added 7th Mar 2014, ID #361765

What about victini i can't live without it!

Added 5th Dec 2013, ID #325521

I want Kyerem

Added 27th Nov 2013, ID #322695

For terrakion you need keiji with a bastiodon at 80% link then skip a month and a guy will tell you about a pokemon

Added 26th Oct 2013, ID #316409

rayquaza can only be linked by that guy wih the Zekrom, cant remember his name, and you need to have all he other ledgendary pokemon in the game with a 70.0% link or higher and it appers in the dragon place. i hope thi helps any one out.

Added 17th Jul 2013, ID #297989

Icant get arceus even though i have hero @ 80 link with flaeeon. Does arceus only apper in 2heroesmof ransei?

Added 18th May 2013, ID #283608

In order to get terrakion you need to get kegi's terrakion to link 70.

Added 5th May 2013, ID #280355

I think the regi is Valora 2 rank Ina takaganesu and aggron guy rank 2 and u need some crystal
I think

Dialga same deal

Added 9th Mar 2013, ID #262069

it should have all Pokemon to make it more interesting.

Added 6th Jan 2013, ID #238289

Registeel needed

Added 4th Jan 2013, ID #237110


Added 27th Dec 2012, ID #229468

Have all legendaries

Added 24th Dec 2012, ID #227858

@Guest: according to, Rayquaza shows up in Dragnor once you obtain all other legendaries. Spoiler:
click to reveal
I'm not far enough into the game to test for myself whether it only works in the final episode :D

Added 30th Oct 2012, ID #202990

What about rayquaza?

Added 16th Oct 2012, ID #197264


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