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Luxray (Start+Select to activate) Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black


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Jan 29th 2013, ID#9572 Luxray (Start+Select to activate)

Luxray Level 100.
Move sets: Thunder, Fusion Bolt, Thunder fang, ExtremeSpeed.
Holding Item: Master Ball
Shiny: Yes.
Abilty: Wonder Guard.
EV: Maxed out.

Luxray is the average Pokemon request I get everyday. So here it is!
It works and been tested for; Pokemon Black and white.

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

::Pokemon Black:
94000130 FFF30000
B2000024 00000000
E00196C4 00000088
D43024E8 59770000
EAC385E7 4FB164F0
F8DF044C 28904694
0DC5A754 A652B1CE
AB022B9B A3E714B7
E93E26B4 6B249B72
1E50B769 44FF4904
46726470 72816E3D
B40B4A83 D4B65F82
A7A38CAB 5FA04816
93A30C30 0A531504
BDA989CA 9E080619
AC7EF354 A0F60D91
9DAD3394 F0B5BF96
F530EDE9 BF549326
AB171D26 C47C61DC
5D2016D5 B937C733
E001974C 00000054
1241772E B9FEB8B9
90BCD758 26A78DBC
CB0A3658 0920C3D1
D91128D6 EFBE9599
D002FB6F 10CC99C4
5295AD32 1FA19E0E
D5FCD7F9 D85A2328
2B39B989 65FEB4F0
0BE1A8E6 06E291E1
AF228CE3 934E55CD
AB0727F8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

::Pokemon White::
94000130 FFF30000
B2000024 00000000
E00196C4 00000088
E76017BC 59770000
EAC385E7 4FB164F0
F8DF044C 28904694
0DC5A754 A652B1CE
AB022B9B A3E714B7
E93E26B4 6B249B72
1E50B769 44FF4904
46726470 72816E3D
B40B4A83 D4B65F82
A7B98CAB 5FBC4801
93BF0C38 0A531504
BDA989CA 9E08021B
A7710CA5 A0F60F95
9DB73394 F0A9BF81
F52CEDE1 BF549326
AB171D26 C47C65DE
562FE924 B937C537
E001974C 00000054
1B27E28D 901C11F8
F1D3394C 71EE1B4A
26378E16 B3112DB7
69BC0578 58AFDE1C
6C605168 2D459D91
999374CE F56977FF
149A1DB7 8E38FD65
EA436FB1 14303046
C125FAA0 17174A9B
4A2C4AD1 00000000
D2000000 00000000 and get
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Thank you!
heres a super kyruem are code (select)
94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0000CBC 00000088
02900297 35250000
B4F68D60 F43DE87C
1FC81256 601E5D55
A227EF8A 53262AC1
08D7528F B98A4E6F
53ACD6F0 E63A83DF
CAD24493 535BD1C5
9D4D35D1 C511BCD2
4629A559 238ABABF
FA3CB0A9 B63A066C
809D37CB 8E2CB759
C52D0F54 6CE81EDE
19381CED 63B70712
37719650 42DDD6C0
B5FA9E31 8C70A679
F06409A3 DE51F976
D2000000 00000000

Added 17th Apr 2013, ID #275035

Umm hi it's me again(the person who requested a Purrloin, well ya about the can you make one of its moves dark void

Added 5th Apr 2013, ID #270781

Can u please please make an adorable and strong cheat for Purrloin with AMAZING stats and please make sure it's defense is somewhat the same as the other stats. May you please test it. I would like it to be female with the ability limber... Level 1 as well and no nickname.. Can you also make its stats eaqual up to around 470-600.

Added 5th Apr 2013, ID #270777

How do i get luxray

Added 23rd Feb 2013, ID #257922

Can you make an ar code for all the regis max stats, wonderguard, really good moves, no shiny and no pokerus lvl 50 please.

Added 21st Feb 2013, ID #257055

hello can u pleaz make a short code all pokedex complete pleaz

Added 16th Feb 2013, ID #254865

could you make it that when i use this code, that im the ot? not able to use it early in game.

Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #249959

hello again please can you make me an ar code fo a shiny zoroark level 100 no pokerus state with this moveset: V-Create,Blue Flare,Dark Void and Shadow Force please and thank you for the pokemon you give me days ago and the ninetales and the shiny luxray you put varius days ago. Good Bye.

Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #249454

im sorry the accidentally copied the text

Added 29th Jan 2013, ID #247585

hello again friend ┬┐can you give me an ar code por pokemon black to obtain the following pokemons:

1.)Victini Shiny Level 100
Moveset:V-create,Freeze Shock,Ice Burn and Blue Fire

2.)Darkrai Shiny Level 100
Moveset:V-create,Dark Void,Shadow Force And Freeze Shock

3.)Zoroark Shiny Level 100
Moveset:V-create,Blue Fire,Dark Void and Shadow Force

4.)Rayquaza Shiny Level 100
Moveset:Bolt Strike,Blue Flare,Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare

5.)Rayquaza No Shiny Level 100
Moveset:V-create,Leaf Storm,Blue Fire,Ice Burn

6.)Rayquaza No Shiny Level 100
Moveset:V-create,Roar Of Time,Sacred Fire And Freeze Shock

Note: ALL Pokemon holding Cherish Ball And With No Pokerus State please

Abilitys: Victini Water Absorb,Zoroark and Shiny Rayquaza Ilussion,Darkrai Bad Dreams and finally the rayquazas with teravolt

Added 29th Jan 2013, ID #247543


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