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Codes For Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

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Print this kiol798 posted:

Jul 2nd 2012, ID#8910 Codes For Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus

Just press select and walk in to the grass. My first upload :D

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 00000024
12250010 0000028*
DC000000 00000004
D2000000 00000000

(Replace * with one of the following)
5=Landorus and get
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Works for all three! Use this code to get your missing one or to stack your team. They will trade up to Ora's and XY.

Added 28th Nov 2015, ID #629228

how can u deactivate that code? please tell me

Added 9th Jun 2015, ID #568069

Worked. Used this and went in tall grass, got double battle with double thundurus. :0

Added 21st Mar 2015, ID #531370

How do you enter a code? I got my replay yesterday and im not sure if its top to bottom or bottom to top

Added 13th May 2015, ID #555760

It is not working for me

Added 15th Jan 2015, ID #502032

i got like virizion every time

Added 17th Dec 2014, ID #486090

Im not able
Are you supposed to type the while thing?

Added 17th Jul 2014, ID #420204

I would give it a thumbs up but my computer won't let me for some reason

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419629

GREAT job! Especially for your first upload! I just had to comment.

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419616

need to press select the whole time?

Added 10th Jul 2014, ID #415834

i cant see any other pokemon in the wild than thundurus all the time what do i do

Added 1st Jul 2014, ID #410056

thanks it really works

Added 11th May 2014, ID #383323

thanks a lot their einstein

Added 8th May 2014, ID #382459

i cant deactivate the code

Added 19th Mar 2014, ID #365841

The guy below forgot to mention that replacing the * with 0 also gives you Virizion. I'm assuming nobody actually tried that...

Added 19th Mar 2014, ID #365769

It works!Go TOOLS->CHEATS->LIST-ACTION REPLAY and Just instead of * put the number of the pokemon you want 1- tornadus,2- thundrus,3- reshirham,4- zekrom,5- landorus,6- kyurem,7- keldeo,8- meloetta,9- genesect and then press Add and Save.If you want to remove it go again and press remove and then Save.I have all of them now

Added 10th Mar 2014, ID #362880

How do you deactivate it all I get is a thunderus in the tall grass and no other pokemon please help!!

Added 8th Mar 2014, ID #362071

It really works

Added 19th Feb 2014, ID #356781

when i put the replace the 8* with the 2 i get nindetoking

Added 4th Jan 2014, ID #339456

i got a reshiram, i accidently killed it

Added 20th Aug 2013, ID #305788

Here r what the numbers 1-9 spawn
1- tornadus
2- thundrus
3- reshirham
4- zekrom
5- landorus
6- kyurem
7- keldeo
8- meloetta
9- genesect
There anyone who collects legenaries ( like me) can do it whithout waiting for events :-)

Added 19th Aug 2013, ID #305610

9 is genesect

Added 19th Aug 2013, ID #305604

thanks it very works

Added 5th Aug 2013, ID #302858

Haven't tried yet but from everyone else is sayin' I think it'll work. Thank you humpmasta and kiol798!

Added 25th Jun 2013, ID #292754

Just joined to comment on this one about changing the ID code.

#3 spawned Rishram
#4 spawned Zekrom

Added 18th Jun 2013, ID #291150

it works

Added 19th May 2013, ID #283790

Got it. Thank you

Added 7th May 2013, ID #280777

It worked beautifully!!! Thanks!! :3

Added 30th Mar 2013, ID #268753

thanks! it worked

Added 25th Feb 2013, ID #258674

I get it thanks alot

Added 6th Feb 2013, ID #251151

To activate you walk in the grass and hold select and It will be the one you chose

Added 5th Feb 2013, ID #250608

how do i get it, do i have to download the game to action replay?

Added 3rd Jan 2013, ID #236009

Didn't work

Added 4th Dec 2012, ID #215109

easy come easy go!

Added 23rd Nov 2012, ID #211543

At the * he/she means if you want Thundurus, You put 2 at the *. 1 Is tornadus and 5 is Landorus.

Added 3rd Nov 2012, ID #204894

did get any

Added 1st Nov 2012, ID #203697

did not work. help please its my first time xD

Added 25th Oct 2012, ID #200991

how do I activate it?

Added 24th Oct 2012, ID #200721

dude i think the * in it you look in bottom and put it

Added 12th Oct 2012, ID #195350


Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188444

how to u activate it?

Added 14th Sep 2012, ID #185843

i always gett it is super good i wish some people
get it

Added 16th Aug 2012, ID #176708

awsome code dude

Added 15th Aug 2012, ID #176481

I don't get it.

Added 6th Jul 2012, ID #161019


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