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Level 1 Arceus Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black


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Aug 12th 2011, ID#7814 Level 1 Arceus

Level 1 Arcues. L+are+select to activate. Replaces 1st Pokemon in party. Tested and works. Moves=Spacial Rend, Draco Meteor, Focus Blast, Dark Void

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 E00196C4 000000DC 00000001 F6900000 A5568F04 5372937E CB471465 8B124288 B1F94352 97E0A443 F7EC2077 725AEDF7 3F38F758 DDF11B85 06A5EA64 BB7E8E2C 6A941FD4 44F82DCB A70617DB AEC996C9 4631F727 463D750C B99B7306 11872380 8A5E99C8 52B8F8AE 3A551768 E52C6438 B9CA822B 5E2D94C3 DBCC7E11 B68EDE4B 8E9C0DF8 3F305488 CCD2A651 7FA68048 AC2141C6 1F8BD2EF B6B779E2 37A54AE2 DE610C1C 92F95736 223B7937 2B1BA63E 7DBEC167 006E4E6B C32A2FD8 FD182D54 1445EF82 D793BB96 8BD4CE98 A85758D7 EC74D431 26D85409 68A98C29 C1B333EB D8372D49 00000000 D2000000 00000000 and get
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