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Event Shaymin from Sinnoh!!! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black


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Jul 27th 2011, ID#7751 Event Shaymin from Sinnoh!!!

~This code will give you a Shaymin at level 100

~You may use this to recieve a Gracidea Flower from the lady at the Pokemon Center in Lacunosa Town.

Press *SELECT* to activate.
Shaymin will be in Box7 Slot2

Pokemon Black only.

Region: US/North America | Class: Event Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
02222034 FCF645EE
02222038 9B030000
0222203C A4A8D69F
02222040 EAFDF561
02222044 C7A5081C
02222048 2D8ECAA9
0222204C E2BF933E
02222050 218DC8E3
02222054 27D1F9B8
02222058 74E2B53E
0222205C 09497D6F
02222060 3362FFB8
02222064 295AD9A8
02222068 DC1775EA
0222206C CAB83124
02222070 BF59F799
02222074 9E514020
02222078 A51E14F0
0222207C 6A9AF931
02222080 BE50DB98
02222084 AE4635C2
02222088 633AB542
0222208C 067DD494
02222090 B13C7AD1
02222094 2C8116D2
02222098 76814B39
0222209C 5E3E9A63
022220A0 E4E433C7
022220A4 B645F18A
022220A8 199EA041
022220AC 32D22A22
022220B0 6F73113A
022220B4 E56732A0
022220B8 5C19B21D
D2000000 00000000 and get
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