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Deoxys Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

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Jul 25th 2011, ID#7733 Deoxys

Press L+are and this code will give you an epic Deoxys in normal forme. It will replace the first Pokemon in your party. It is lv. 100, shiny, has pokerus, awesome stats, ivs, evs, brave nature, wonder guard ability, item: leftovers. It's moves are Earthquake, Dark Void, Dream Eater, Meteor Mash.


Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FCFF0000
B2000024 00000000
E00196C4 000000DC
F0A02EB0 17260000
696A95F9 4546364A
217A1760 33D69DDA
061E2D54 E44C1FB7
39716D86 6EA69F5B
FBD93223 2ABC9762
56AA3C40 4394E132
ADE830D4 9F2F5A84
71D9660B E9D8F4D3
87CBDB08 1EE663E7
A317013F CA1E47A0
A943C793 5E0F8D1D
A60C8BE1 5064170B
10897FD8 F59DE11B
A7B06BF2 8BD2C635
CF9AC37D 48037027
E2A70E8D 587AE18F
8E50DDD9 90FA8F9E
B6D06CE9 B3C899E8
47C767FD 47FF562D
623C37AF 08D83C7A
71909C7C D9546727
AF7F0275 D5262F9E
515EC90D C99A2C55
45A33435 58B219F7
45AA5AA5 00000000
D2000000 00000000 and get
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11 comments, latest first.
Doesn't work crashed my game like 10 times

Added 27th Feb 2014, ID #359462

Can unmake a kyorge with wounder gard and ehfgjffehjskhef

Added 24th Sep 2012, ID #188788


Added 16th May 2012, ID #142703

who want a lvl 155 deoxys arceus shaymin zekrom and reshiram

Added 4th Apr 2012, ID #129480

I put some random code and im seeing what happens

Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #128221

it messed up my black version what do i do?

Added 8th Dec 2011, ID #93621

I tried this and nothing happened can u give derections step by step please!!! :O

Added 18th Sep 2011, ID #75294

I out in the code for my black and i just got an egg that wont hatch. did i do something wrong?

Added 25th Aug 2011, ID #70050

can u make a deoxys all forms? lvl 100 max stats?

Added 9th Aug 2011, ID #65656

I just use the code manager on my pc.

Added 28th Jul 2011, ID #62122

dude do u kno any faster ways to put the code in besides plugging in my ar and doing that whole process?
cuz i have a mac n it wont work

Added 28th Jul 2011, ID #62120


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