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Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black


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Jul 10th 2011, ID#7593 Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect!

This Code will give you Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect in Box 1 Slots 1-3. They are the Fateful Encounter so I believe they can be used for the events. If not let me know. Tested and works. If you have any Pokemon Requests let me know. Press select to activate. I would sugest using code manager But at least it's shorter than having to type them in one by one. Hope you enjoy and please no rude comments!

Hope you enjoy and happy cheating!

Region: US/North America | Class: Teams of Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000
0221BFAC 75005C78
0221BFB0 6F850000
0221BFB4 88EC2A8F
0221BFB8 AC29B1EA
0221BFBC 7E78F58F
0221BFC0 9BDFE487
0221BFC4 8A184A5C
0221BFC8 00BC2A23
0221BFD0 E8578658
0221BFD4 E61A14ED
0221BFD8 6FB6A3A3
0221BFDC 0F45B515
0221BFE0 916010E2
0221BFE8 24855334
0221BFEC 24069477
0221BFF0 66FEB9D1
0221BFF4 441E6E8B
0221BFF8 2BFFA674
0221BFFC 77EE91B8
0221C000 E9ECA67E
0221C004 56AE2BC3
0221C008 56694C84
0221C00C 8149FB95
0221C010 AC959622
0221C014 65796B3E
0221C018 E126F508
0221C01C DB6F130E
0221C020 8D3CCCE3
0221C024 E4096394
0221C028 41FB432D
0221C02C BD8B7A7B
0221C030 36423397
0221C034 75005C78
0221C038 70290000
0221C03C 3917499A
0221C040 2852C05F
0221C044 3780C861
0221C048 C6024AA3
0221C04C 5BEB0E2A
0221C050 BFF1F7C4
0221C054 3ADF3D75
0221C058 01B3A706
0221C05C 43C8DDF8
0221C060 378A798B
0221C064 04C7E619
0221C068 A362816E
0221C06C 07FCE81A
0221C070 EAC96AF5
0221C074 60327F43
0221C078 9083D2A8
0221C07C 9A441B95
0221C080 41E4ACDE
0221C084 E5BAE61C
0221C088 C2D91445
0221C08C 55C7D2D0
0221C090 66C2AB35
0221C094 4C657469
0221C098 614AC41E
0221C09C 269F5D28
0221C0A0 A3814B70
0221C0A4 35AAF65E
0221C0A8 F535663F
0221C0AC 6817F714
0221C0B0 D5FE1384
0221C0B4 D8B2CF0A
0221C0B8 CE861607
0221C0BC 75005C78
0221C0C0 70FD0000
0221C0C4 67BFC1C2
0221C0C8 45B3783F
0221C0CC AA1FEE91
0221C0D0 E5BFF2CB
0221C0D4 586DD316
0221C0D8 F58EBCE5
0221C0DC C8542996
0221C0E0 15379F52
0221C0E4 EE705246
0221C0E8 CA469488
0221C0EC 9FA5D4C4
0221C0F0 114F3135
0221C0F4 60E9F6C9
0221C0F8 7B524B3A
0221C0FC 50689C0C
0221C100 D2ACE648
0221C104 C66A97BE
0221C108 F2E6058D
0221C10C 54704079
0221C110 F3A6F649
0221C114 068FB101
0221C118 75A6DAB0
0221C11C 2D7CA4FA
0221C120 5121A1E8
0221C124 4D2FDA87
0221C128 8CBAE534
0221C12C E32585E7
0221C130 36ED7191
0221C134 5DC4F431
0221C138 3DEAAC34
0221C13C 30597489
0221C140 86DDB844
D2000000 00000000 and get
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