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Shiny Pokemon Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

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Oct 11th 2010, ID#6331 Shiny Pokemon

Yay finally got a shiny code for every1. There are no activation keys so if you don't want shiny youll have to restart the game without the code. Sorry I'll try to fix this...
P.S. This is for japanese region

Well heres the code:

Region: Japanese | Class: Encounter Codes

521A8764 21012006
E2002200 00000028
4C08B57E 88248865
08ED4065 F1A7B40F
1C06FDD7 40410401
428D0CC9 D1F5BC0F
BD7E1C30 0224F79C
021A9764 FD4CF658
D0000000 00000000 and get
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Japanese version, not flipping USA, read people.

Added 14th Nov 2014, ID #471401

Tell us the USA. Code

Added 12th Aug 2014, ID #435539

this is stupid

Added 7th Aug 2014, ID #432365



Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426470


Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #402097

guys, this is the Japanese version and it says so at the top.... can any one help me find a usa version

Added 29th Dec 2013, ID #335617

why did ya post that if ya knew it wouldntve work are ya crazy

Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #232551

doesnt work.

Added 16th Oct 2012, ID #197234

well i had a code for my action replay but the thing was is that all eggs would hatch shiny pokemon plus all wild encounters would be shiny but when i tried out the code it froze when i went into grass abd was having a wild encounter and the pokemon that hatched wasn't shiny at all i even checked my pokedex to see if the non shiny egg thing was a small glitch that would let my charmander turn shiny real soon but it said i have not seen a shiny charmander do i did't get any help with that does anyone know an united states working action replay code for shiny

Added 24th Sep 2012, ID #188797

white screen what the heck . cant do this in u.s ?

Added 7th Aug 2012, ID #173407


Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #156675

i know how to get a rayquaza.(people that want one).just go to castelia city by using fly.when landing go down right after you land go down theres a big boat.(have to have over 1000 pokemon money and has to be in eavnings).then find everywere to battle all i mean all the people that want to battle.when you make it all in time,they will kick you out and give you a lava cookie then use fly and go to undella town and make sure you have pokemon that have:surf,dive, and in your bag when you enter water use max repel(just in case).you find this water that is very dark blue water in a littl in a circle.(not for battleing bubles that pop up or anything).it will ask you to dive and you go in this under water area called abyssal ruins. enter in by holding on to the up arrow when entering.and when enter the place hurry up and clik on all the purple blocks and then the last purple block you will get the lava cookie and trash it.then hurry and get out of there znd then go to mistralton city and go to the celestial tower.use max repel when entering in.go all the way will find alder.(if hes not there its ok. its doesant matter). ring the bell 2 times then save the game. then ring the bell 1 more time.rayquaza will land down and you will see a bright light clik the wild rayquaza and he will battle you.i forgot what level it will show.and try your very hardest to capture it.(master balls work too).and thats how to catch a rayquaza.(no glitch.its all real)

Added 16th Apr 2012, ID #134216

Excuse me but what it

121CBAF4 000046C0
D0000000 00000000

What does this mean?

Is this the U.S.A version?

Will somebody please tell me?

Added 5th Jan 2012, ID #103225

how do you do it and when do you press l and r

Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #66977

121CBAF4 000046C0
D0000000 00000000

Added 3rd Jun 2011, ID #46763


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