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Feed dog light bulb

To feed your dog a light bulb here's what you do. First call your dog over, then when the light bulb shows up click and drag it over into your dogs mouth.

Added 19 Jun 2007, ID #3259, by Jimmy13 and get

Clean trainer points

To get lots of trainer points,leave your dog in the shower and every minute it spends there, 1 trainer point is yours

Added 13 Jun 2007, ID #3135, by Rob_93

Easy Stuff

You know if you go on a walk you have to wait 30 min. To do it again. Check ths out, go on a walk and get the stuff, you know, when you get back to your house, save , cut the DS off, turn it back on, and you can go on another walk. This will increase the rate of finding cool stuff.

Added 5 Jun 2007, ID #3010, by akbay

Walking Glitch

Follow these steps to one of the coolest glitches in ANY nintendogs game:

1.go for a walk
2.get ALL the question thingies you can get
3.let your walk lead you to the park
4.if you get any new items change accessories on your dog and let it save
5.turn your DS off and turn it on again will have ALL the iems you got on that last walk ae able to go on another walk and get more tems


Added 29 Jan 2007, ID #2066, by deepseatooth

Unlock dogs and interior decoration

Shetland Sheepdog: Collect 4000 Trainer Points;
Shiba Inu: Find the Japenese Print Collar;
Welsh Corgi: Collect 10000 Trainer Points;
Unlock the Cavalier K.C. Spaniel, you need to have 2000 Trainer Points;
Unlock the Toy Podle: Collect 14000 Trainer Points;
Unlock the Chihuahua: Collect 8000 Trainer Points;
Unlock the Seaside interior decoration: Collect 12000 Trainer Points;
Unlock one interior decoration that I don`t remember the name: Collect 6000 Trainer Points;

Hope I helped

Added 24 Jan 2007, ID #2037, by Ricky12

Not a ceat but handy

On a walk go through as many ? As possible to get prsents.

P.S you may meet a nehbourgh

Added 3 Jan 2007, ID #1862, by Nintendo DS2000

Unlock cavalier K.C spaniel

UNLOCK 2000 Trainer points

Added 3 Jan 2007, ID #1861, by Nintendo DS2000

Dogs and tips

Shetland Sheepdog: Collect 4000 Tiainer Points
Shiba Inu: Find the Japenese Print Collar
Welsh Corgi: Collect 10000 Trainer Points
Unlock the Cavalier K.C. Spaniel, you need to have 2000 Trainer Points

Added 24 Dec 2006, ID #1777, by Nintendog


If you don't get a Dalmatian to start with, and you don't EVER want to buy one anyway, your friends might want one! So follow these steps for a totally $FREE$ way of giving gifts:

1. When you start a new game on Nintendogs- Dalmatian and Friends you automatically get the FIREMAN'S HAT in your "Accesories" section. (In Supplies)

2. Make you and your friend go to "Bark Mode" and make the FIREMAN'S HAT the gift to send to the player without the Dalmatian in His/Her Kennel. The other player doesn't have to give a gift.

3. When the other player quits "Bark Mode" they get a message saying: "You unlocked the Dalmatian!" Or something like that anyway....

4. If you want your FIREMAN'S HAT back, just go in "Bark Mode"again and make your friend give it back.


Another Cheat from Tornado-Girl360

Added 3 Nov 2006, ID #1504, by Tornado-girl360
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