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Delete Saved Data

You can delete your Nintendogs saved data by quickly pressing and holding L, are, X, Y, A and B together on the Nintendo screen (before the dog screen) while the game loads up. You will then be given the choice of deleting all data.

Added 31 Jul 2011, ID #16019, by MongooseGeneral and get


Get the following amount of Trainer Points to unlock the corresponding effect.


Unlock Cavalier K C Spaniel:
2,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Shetland Sheepdog:
4,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Chihuahua:
8,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Pembroke Welsh Corgi:
10,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Toy Poodle:
14,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Pug:
16,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Miniature Schnauzer:
20,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Siberian Husky:
22,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Miniature Pinscher:
30,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Shih Tzu:
35,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Labrador Retriver:
45,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Miniature Dachshund:
50,000 Trainer Points

Interior Designs

Unlock Desktop - $20,000:
6,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Seaside - $50,000:
12,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Outer Space - $100,000:
18,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Northern European - $5,000:
25,000 Trainer Points

Unlock Urban Living - $5,000:
40,000 Trainer Points

Added 22 Mar 2007, ID #2304, by Sanzano

Unlimited walks

When you take your dog for a walk go through as many "?" s as you can. Go to a park and change the dog's accesory. The game should save automatically, as soon as it saves turn your ds off, then turn it on and repeat as many times as you want. This is very useful for getting many items but please note that this cheat does not add trainer points or increases your dog's stamina.


No thumbs

Added 3 Aug 2013, ID #18014, by Guest

How to Make your Dog have Puppies

[color=blue] First get lots of dry food and milk, then get lots of milk . Once thats done get 2 dogs that are the same bread but not same gender . Here is the the way they have to act :: This (feamale or male your choice) is verey consiterive and rarely gets into fights. Once you do that you have to make shure they cuddle alot next make shure the female==NEVER ==leaves the house just the male =-= (nneevveerr). If the dogs fight a lot they do not love each other but if they don't they do make shure a cuddle a lot if your lucky the puppy will come soon . GOOD LUCK - Andrea ;p

Added 17 Jun 2013, ID #17961, by Guest

To get a lot of money...

First you need to buy the game pack and that gives you all the cheats to every game...
First go onto nintendogs with the game pack inserted at the front of your D.S then go onto the screen that has all of your dogs pictures. Click select and start constantly clicking them all the time. Then go to go out and at the bottom of the screen it will show you how much money you have and finally you will get as much money as there is to get!

Added 8 Dec 2012, ID #17738, by Guest

How to get a new dog in your kennel without getting trainer poin

If when you go on bark mode and you meet with a dog that you don't already have in your own kennel, then when you come back form playing in the park with the other dog, then the dog that you don't have will be added into your kennel. WARNING: say if you do this with labrador+friends and dauchand+friends, once you use this cheat you can't do it again with the same games, you would have to use another. E.j, dalmation+friends and labrador+friends.

Added 2 Sep 2012, ID #17543, by Guest

Unlimited walks

first go strate to the park then change your acecary then press off /WARNING your traner points will not increase or your stanama

Added 29 Jul 2012, ID #17235, by Guest

When your dog likes the toy but he wont get it

When your dog likes the toy but he wont play with it you push with your pensil (if you have one) towards the toy and he or she will go get it

Added 9 Jul 2012, ID #17175, by msmunch

Delete data

Push l,r,a,b,x,y together to delete all data. Ps. Wont get data back

Added 16 Jun 2012, ID #17046, by Guest

How to breed your dog the best way

Dont press xybalr because it resets your game it does not make your dogs have pups this is how 1geta boy and girl dog same breed make shore they have lots of hugs only feed them milk and dryfood the girls not allowd any walks or compitishions but the male is allowd walks and compitishions give the girl lots of baths it takes a week or 4 days I had to try a couple of times so don't get moody

Added 17 May 2012, ID #16957, by Guest

How to breed?

1.All you need is 2 dogs of the same breed and can be different color.
2.You need to feed them milk and Dry Food.
3.Wait about a week for them to cuddle.
*NOTE:The need to be alone and you can't do anything just stay home.They need specific charateristics like: they rarely get into fights.Put the Lucky Collar on the male and a Rose on the female.Here is a link to a video for more info

Click here to view the video

Added 2 Jan 2012, ID #16595, by Haus_of_Jacky

Starting you're game again without losing you're best items

If you want 2 start you're game again but you have a valuable item just give it 2 you're friend over bark mode and they can give it back 2 you on you're new game.

Added 4 Sep 2011, ID #16175, by Guest

Getting your friend a Dalmation without get the fireman hat

First talk to your friend to get in bark mode if you have a dalmation you need to take 1 to the bark mode if you end bark mode your freinds ds said:The kennel got dalmations only if you have meet it your friend first you will get the other dog that your friend haves in bark mode

Added 18 Apr 2011, ID #15710, by Guest

how to get your friend a dalmation

first tell ur friend to go to bark mode then u bring the firefighter hat. when u meet ur friend give him the hat and when he leaves he should unlock [ [/video] a dalmation.

Added 27 Oct 2010, ID #14772, by Guest

Easy Disc competition

When you start the game buy a Golden Retriever. Than teach his or her name and sit.After that go on a walk or buy a frisby at the store. The go to the competition and you dog will have no proble wining.

Added 26 Aug 2008, ID #8956, by jch113

infinitie walks

Go to walk and go to a park and change your accesory...itll save and after it's done you turn off the power. Then go to the walk again and instead of it saying you "just went for a walk, let youre dog rest" itll let you go again!!

P.S. If you get it wrong...youre SCREWED!!!!!!!

Added 22 Aug 2008, ID #8914, by Max3306

light bulb

After you teach a dog a trick a light bulb will apear over your dog's head and drag the light bulb to your puppys mouth and she or he will eat it.

Added 10 Jun 2008, ID #7859, by riglboy

more points

Ok... You take a brush and let it sit on your dog ..the wire brush or rubber brush and if you leave it on there your trainer points go up!but you might want to plug your ds up to the charger and just let it sit your tainer points go up! It worked for me ..unbelievably...your trainer points also go up when you throw the soccer ball with your works for all nintendogs

Added 27 Feb 2008, ID #6712, by Haley_Smith

Must-Have Toys! For Rambuntcious Puppies.

Talking Bird: Press the red button on it's chest and speak into the mic! It repeats you!
How to obtain: Available at the discount shops when you take a walk.*

RC Helicopter: A- Accellerate L/R- Change perspective D-pad- Move plane
How to obtain: On walks only!

Jump Rope: One dog holds the end. The other one (or two) jumps the rope!
How to obtain: Available at the discount shops when you take a walk.*

Bark Ball: It makes noises when you throw it!
How to obtain: On walks only!

Terry Cloth Cube: A delightful cube that puppies can bite!
How to obtain: On walks only!

*= With sufficient Trainer points

Added 23 Dec 2007, ID #5796, by Shadow_Cresselia_101

If your Dog Didnt do good in compition:

When you submit your dog into a disk, agility, or obedience contest,
And your time is running out an you didnt meet your goal.....
All you have to do is turn your DS off, and then turn it back on and go to contests then your going to be in the same contest so you don't have to go back
And reach the goal to get to it.

Added 5 Dec 2007, ID #5668, by Owning-Super Cheater
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