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Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo Pack Shot

Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo

Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo Cheats for Nintendo DS

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How To Feed ALL Your Moshlings And Keep Them FULL FOREVER!Added 23 Jun 2012, ID #17097
You may not be able to afford this! But here's how: Go to Bjorn's Konstruction and upgrade the house that you want to be full forever. (I upgraded Puppies it's actually a GREAT help!) Then click on a random moshling in your Zoo and feed them, Once the house you upgraded moshlings come (Let me explain: I upgraded puppies so when one of those come up, the one you upgraded) feed them what they want and even if you feed one ALL of them go full!

How To Get All The Puppies!Added 23 Jun 2012, ID #17096
1. Fifi: Iron the napkins!

2. McNulty: Magnify the note!

3. White Fang: Put the bones in the bowl then pick it up by the bag!

4. Scamp: Put the cloth on the lake!

How to get ALL The Beasties :DAdded 23 Jun 2012, ID #17095
1. Burnie: Get sausages put them on the BBQ and use the oil on it!

2. Humphrey: Put the string on the Banjo!

3. Jeepers: Put the oats in the bowl then use the paint brush on the easel!

4. ShiShi: Put a cloth on the chair thats in front of the TV then put the potion thing on it and it turns into tissues!
How to get I.G.G.YAdded 23 Apr 2012, ID #16837
You need to get to bizzar bazzer to get a pickle and then got to bjorns constroction and by the fluffles upgrade house then go to east grumble and you will find iggy hinding in the bush click on him the put the arrow on he big sign then give him the pickle then you have iggy!!!
How To Get BlurpAdded 18 Feb 2012, ID #16721
Go To Taki Taki Islands, And Pick Up The Planner And Flip Flops Wait For A Ping Sound And He Will Come, Give Him The Flip Flops And Planner He Will Want To Be Adopted

P.S: Can Anyone Tell Me How To Get I.g.g.y
How to Get Purdy on DSAdded 3 Jan 2012, ID #16597
Buy the muffin from Bizarre Bazaar and then go to the Kaleidoscope Canyons. Towards the end you will find some stamp for a letter, then move on. You will soon find an envelope, drag the stamps to the envelope. Then you will see something in the candy canes the hit it. You will see that it's Purdy! Drag the muffin to her then, you've got her in your zoo!
Getting blurpAdded 2 Jan 2012, ID #16593
Go to taki taki islands and collect the flip flops then click on blurp and give the flip flops to him.

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