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Good Hiding Place (Multiplayer)

In the Incubation Vault, there are some "windows" (you can sitll jump through them) and a door leading into a small passage on the ground floor. When you go into that passage, look up and you will see a ledge. If you jump on that ledge, you will see another ledge to the side. It's actually a small passage on the second floor! If you want, you can stay on the first ledge and hide/ambush, or you can use the ledges like a secret passage. If you get spoted, however, then your opponent will know where you are. Use this spot only a few times each spot, or you'll be predictable.

Added 10 May 2010, ID #13721, by EeveeT and get

omega survive

If your trace turn into alt. Form to surive omega cannons works sometimes

Added 16 Mar 2009, ID #10530, by cydro829

get every hunter without going in story mode

First, start by turning on metroid prime hunters and going to wifi. Once you are in a battle, obviously, you will fight other people. If you fight someone using a hunter that you do not have, you will automatically gain that hunter and be able to use it without unlocking it in story mode. You can also do this in multi-card play.

Added 23 Dec 2008, ID #9860, by snipedtrace

Deathalt Location

Ok guys

If you are like me then you most likely want to kill bots/humans fast without that much effort so here are some tips on how to kill them fast

1) use a deathhalt these are scattered around the map and is basicly one touch! Kill this is very useful for instant carnage I only know were two are but if you know were more are just email me taelling me where and i'll add more.

The 1st deathhalt is in the map headshot in side down the hole in the middle but mostley everyone knows were that 1 is but do you know were the one on the level ice hive is?

Ok it's in a hidden hole to get there you need to go to the jump pad leading to the judicator then go through the door then up the ramp to your left are two doors go past them to the left to the fallen piller then face the cloosest wall to you there should be a little opening higher then the ground which you need to jump to get in then follow the path and you will find the deathhalt there is another hole across the fallen pillar on the left were this is only one piller standing go around it near the health is the hole but there is nothing good in there but is a good spot for sniping or if you just want to hid for a while

2) headshot kill them with an imperalist zoomed in this is the easest way to kill some one and is evan esier to kill them if you are trace becasue while standing still and holding the imperalist he goes invisable!

Thanks forreading if you know the location of anymore deathhalts that I haven't mentioned email me at

By nintendo noob out

Added 5 Apr 2008, ID #7154, by Nintendo Noob

significance of Amblic Profacey 01-08

As you go trough the game you'll find datashades if you scan the blue circles above some dors in the game there are 8 total. When you put thier messages in order it will say:(01) it is written that the alimbic power shall materalize when six frequencies shimmer in the divine spectral sequence.(02)in the beginning the darkness shall be torn asunder by a flash of yellow lightnig.(03)yellow lightnig shall strike with demonic fury opon the greenwood.(04)with a vioce of thunder shall the greenwood burst into an orange blaze.(05)the orange blaze shall die away to be reborn on wings of blue smoke.(06)tendrils of blue smoke shall weave the geometry of violet crystal(07)violet crystal shall shatter the heavens leaving a red stain.(08)when the red stain shall vanish, so shall the ancient amblic power be manifest.
I have dicoverd a that it is actually the game telling you how to face gorea2.
02 says yellow lightning it means shoot the yellow pannel on the wall with the volt driver
03 says greenwood so green pannel battlehammer
04 says orange blaze so orange pannel magmaul
05 says blue smoke so blue pannel shock coil
06 says violet crystal so violet/purple pannel judicator
07 says red stain so red pannel imperialist
08 basicly says if you do that in that order you will face gorea2 if you beat gorea.

Added 30 Mar 2008, ID #7076, by woohoo93

Trick with Trace

Here is a little trick when you are trace. In an off or online game, go to a sniping view of the whole map. Note: you must have at least three opponents and one has to be noxus. Wait for noxus to freeze someone, and you get a free headshot kill! Hope I helped!

Added 7 Oct 2007, ID #5091, by UToobDood7

Missing Percent?

If at the end of the game you are missing a percent on you bio scans, you should try to find the hunters and scan them again but also scan their alt form AND their bio form. You should also go to every world and try scanning the screens around the landing area of the hunter gunship.


Added 26 Aug 2007, ID #4624, by Nanoboy25

Hunter Help

Everybody who plays Metroid Prime Hunters knows there are 7 main hunters in the game. Each of them have their own specific weaknesses powers alt forms ect. But not many people know all this and how to use these people properly. I'm using this to show you how to do all that. So here we go.

Samus Aran: Her alt form is the only alt form with 2 moves. Boost and bombs. By standing ont he bombs it enables her to jump in the air. Samuses morph ball can go into small crevices lvls (in the game or in multiplayer/wi-fi mode) WEAKNESS: She has no attack specificly meant for her like the others.

Kanden: My personal favorite hunter. His special attack is Volt Driver which when charged can a) Track the opponent b) If the opponent is evennntuall hit will distort the opponents vision for a while and c) will show opponents general area. His alt form is the dreaded Stinglarva which can detatch from the end of it's tail tracking slug bombs. WEAKNESS: He is vulnerable to headshot and his weapon moves very slowly giving target time to move away.

Spire: His Alt form is the Dialanche which can disturb a small area of ground around it to attack. It can also climb up most walls efficiently. His attack is the Mag-Maul it rolls on the ground and bounces off walls. It explodes on contact. Highly liked on Alinos Gateway because of his ability to walk through lava without being harmed. There many glitches that come with this hunter. WEAKNESS: Mag-Maul will explode on anything. Including yourself making it highly suicidal.

Trace: Known as the number one used hunter. His vicious alt form is the Triskellion which resembles a spider that has only 3 legs. Triskellion will turn invisible if it stands still for a few seconds. Then once the prey comes near you can pounce on the enemy at a super fast speed! TRaces attack is the greatly feared Imperialist. The imperialist is a sniping weapon. Its has a zoom feature that will zoom in even closer if the target is found. While using Imperialist Trace is invisible.
WEAKNESS:Trace is weak in alt form against Samus because as he is chasing Samus she'll be laying bombs and they'll all explode in Samus's face. He also has a weakness while sniping that he would be staying in one spot. If you find him then you'll be able to shoot him from behind.

Noxus: Noxus used to be my favorite character. Noxus's attack is the judicator which if charged can freeze the opponent for a while. It can also bounce off the wall. His alt form is the Vhoscythe which is basically a spinning top of doom. Noxus is best used agianst Sylux because his alt form will break the lockjaw energy field.
WEAKNESS: The judicator is not very strong and is bad for use in open areas

Sylux: Sylux is probably the second-to-most-used character in the game. His alt formis the Lockjaw which if you manages to catch the opponent within it's energy triangle (which there specifics in setting up) It will automatically kill you no matter how much health you have. Syluxes attack is the Shock Coil which will drain the opponetns energy and give it to you. It will also follow the opponents movements so oncve you lock on it stays on.
WEAKNESS: The lockjaw technique is very hard to handle. It must be practiced many times over.

Weavel: Weavel is not one the most used characters or one of the least used. But he does have many glitches attached to his alt form the half-turrent. The half turrent splits the body in half and and one half will go seeking while the other half shoots green plasma from its....head? Weavels attack is the
Battle-Hammer which is an explosive green plasma that when makes contact with the opponent will explode and cause extra damage. There is no charge needed.
WEAKNESS: The Battle-Hammer will not go straight and will drop from the sky making it extremly hard to aim.

That concludes this hint. I hope this helped with whatever you are doing in Metroid Prime Hunters!


Added 24 Aug 2007, ID #4584, by Nanoboy25

Sniping Tips

1.Try timing your shots
2.If someone is using missles to shoot someone else, fire as they fire
3.Relocate after every kill to get maximum effect.
4.The element of supprise should always be on your side when sniping
5.Use spots that arnt obvious sniping spots and don't always cover every spot, because you want them to think you are vunerable so that they come at you and you get a straigt shot at their head.

Hope some of this helps you trace users out there.

Jam Jar

Added 19 Apr 2007, ID #2459, by Jam Jar

No hits from Gorea 1

If you don't want to get hit by Gorea 1 walk very far from it, at the back of the arena.

Added 9 Apr 2007, ID #2408, by Devo510

Kandens uses

Kanden maybe an under used character, but he and his weapon have many fucntions.
-homing attack: tracks enemy and good in wide areas. Also allows player to see anothers hiding spot to some degree. Aim and fire randomly when opponent is nowhere to be seen. With a little luck, you'll see the blast track the opponent to his spot. May not be entirely accurate.

-vision distortion: temporarily blinds opponent. Use in succession with missles to blast opponent. Use another volt driver quickly in succession to get enemy with full on double driver blast. -its size: it's size is fairly large meaning when you are behind it your enemy may not see u. Use imperialist or missles. Also has big blast radius, and does good damage charged.

-head: his head is kinda of small. Helps when fighting a trace.

-colors:blends in with the environment sometimes..

-bombs: homing bombs. Wahts more to say?

-size: his alt-form size is great. In alinos gateway you can actually hide nder the lava at the price of steady dmg. He can also hide in snow at the arcterra areas.

Now you can be a kanden master!!


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Added 23 Feb 2007, ID #2193, by reaper_phantom

Play against bosses anytime

Go to multiplayer and go on multiplayer cards[ not single card play ] and add bots so you don't have to have two nintendo DSs

Added 9 Jan 2007, ID #1940, by greg#25

How to kill the elemental monsters

In Alinos and Articterra there are two elemental monsters, one ice and one fire. The monsters give you the weapons Magmaul and the sniper gun. The best way to kill them are to use the missle launcher nad when you are fighting them move around a lot. After they attack they open thier mouth and attack wait until they attack then blast away and repeat until they die

Note: they can hide under the ice, lava and have elemental attacks:burn and freeze powers


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Added 4 Jan 2007, ID #1878, by ej free j1

Defeating gorea 1

To defeat gorea one al you must do is simply shoot it's shoulders with the weapon that has the corresponding armour to gorea. Example: Gorea has red armour shoot it with the imperialist( a.k.a sniping weapon) Hope this helps.
Btw heres some of my stats:wi-fi win record: 3 out of 4
Wireless win record: 28 of 37 :(
Win ratio %76
Streak: 10
Lucky area: sic transit
Fave weapon: imperialist
headshot kills: 272 :D:D:D(play multi card with bots alot)
Biped kills: 507.......alt form kills: 71......kill streak:45(lmao high ground bots level 1 imperialist)
Well I hope this helps :D snipist_13


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Added 25 Dec 2006, ID #1780, by snipist_13

Esay Ways To Kill

Weavel-Set Your Turret In A Open Place Then With The Little Guy Go Get Heath You Will Get Fast K.ills.
Noxus-Get Your Jud And Get At Least 50 Ammo And Charge Up Your Jud Then Freeze Someone Then Keep Shooting Them In The Head Fast Kills

Added 12 Nov 2006, ID #1561, by -Noxus-1-

No Hits!

This hint works for all but Noxus and Trace double teaming you, Kanden, and weavle it works when Trace and Noxus are seperate too.

Like all ez bosses just run facing your opponnent jumping like a rabbit cheesy huh don't forget to shoot.

P.S. Carefull with ledges.

Added 30 Oct 2006, ID #1479, by dbgt721


If you can't seem to find the last movie, try this. Defeat Gorea 1, but don't shoot the plates around the room. After he is defeated, you both will die and you'll get the last movie.

Added 5 Sep 2006, ID #1277, by AND1


To all the people out there who can't seem to get 100% in 1P Mode, try to scan everything, all the bosses, hunters, and extra stuff during the levels.


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Added 5 Sep 2006, ID #1276, by AND1

Unlock Oubliette in Multiplayer

Put simply, just defeat Gorea 2 and you will have unlocked Oubliette to play on in Multiplayer.

Added 4 Sep 2006, ID #1266, by AND1

How to Get to Gorea 2

To get to Gorea 2, while fighting Gorea 1, if you notice, there are six coloured plates on the wall. You have to shoot them witht the right weapon in the right order, and once you defeat Gorea 1, you will be transported to Gorea 2.

First, shoot the Yellow plate with the Volt Driver
Second, shoot the Green plate with the BattleHammer
Third, shoot the Orange plate with the Magmaul
Fourth, shoot the Blue plate with the Shock Coil (you have to jump a little for this one)
Fifth, shoot the Purple plate with the Judicator
Sixth (and lastly), shoot the Red plate with the Imperialist

If you do this correctly, you should get a transmission from your Space Ship and once Gorea 1 is defeated, you will be taken to Oubliette to face Gorea 2.

Added 4 Sep 2006, ID #1265, by AND1
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