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Follow the dark path or use the light
Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands Pack Shot

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands

Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands Cheats for Nintendo DS

We have 8 cheats on Nintendo DS

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Sunstone galore~Added 14 Jan 2013, ID #17797
At ranch ; in between water mill and little pond
Sprite island ; check the farming fence
Lighthouse island (go by boat at your ranch); the back wall of the lighthouse
Vendure island ; bush between Chen and Marivelles shops
Sprout island ; 2 sunstones here; if unlocked Will, the barrel at the front on his yacht; the well next to Gannon's shop as well
Mystic islands ; bell in front of church; left-side lamp post in front of witches house
Mushroom island ; base of largest right-side mushroom
Volcano island ; lava flow next to island's sign
Animal island ; check the pond
Link island ; on the bridge leading to island( check the left post)
Rice island ; northeast corner, check the tree furthest to the right
Tree island ; bush in southeast corner
Greenhouse island ; bush on left edge of island
Give gifts to ALL characters ( even ones with no significance) and they will give you sunstones. If you keep on raising their friendship after you give them gifts to 2 hearts, then enter their house and the master of the house ( for example Taro if you enter his home of Maribelle) will give you a sunstone. Note: you need to have all members of the house at 2 hearts before you can get a sunstone from the house master.
Harvest Goddess ; do the same like all other characters and raise her hearts to 2 then enter island and she'll be in front of boat and give you a sunstone.


BachelorettesAdded 16 Apr 2012, ID #16823
Listed below are the items the bachelorettes like and dislike.

Likes: n/a
Dislikes: n/a
Note: Knows everyone.

Likes: Animal products
Dislikes: Fish
Note: Expert with animals.

Likes: Fish, sweets
Dislikes: Ugly things
Note: Pop star.

Likes: n/a
Dislikes: n/a
Note: Seeks lost treasure.

Likes: Fruits
Dislikes: Mushrooms
Note: Tomboy

Likes: Ores, tofu
Dislikes: Curry
Note: Smart and shy

Witch Princess
Likes: n/a
Dislikes: n/a
Note: The bad girl of the Bachelorettes.
BachelorsAdded 16 Apr 2012, ID #16822
Listed below are the items the bachelor like and dislike.

Likes: Crops (not herbs)
Dislikes: Dairy products.
Note: Always kind and polite.

Likes: Fish
Dislikes: Ores
Note: Expert angler.

Likes: Cooked dishes
Dislikes: Failed dishes
Note: Skilled cook.

Likes: Animal products
Dislikes: Vegetables
Note: Soft spot for animals.

Likes: Ores
Dislikes: herbs
Note: He is a prince.

Likes: n/a
Dislikes: n/a
Note: Expert on jungle living.

Likes: n/a
Dislikes: n/a
Note: Knows everyone.
Unlock CharactersAdded 16 Apr 2012, ID #16821
The following is a list of the main residents and how to unlock them.

Unlock Chen and Charlie:
Reach the 2nd day.

Unlock Cliff:
Comes after year 3

Unlock Denny:
Catch at least 50 things (fish, boots, etc.) when fishing, and have E.Town unlocked.

Unlock Dr. Trent:
Upgrade your Island Hotel with at least 30 sub-villagers, and unlock ALL seven Harvest Sprites. He arrives on Summer 1 or 2.

Unlock Eliza:
Moves in after Gannon has move in.

Unlock Gannon:
Automatically moves in around Spring 11.

Unlock H. Goddess:
Toss A gift to the spring

Unlock Julia:
Around Spring 12 when Mirabelle arrives to the island and sets up shop.

Unlock Karen and Popuri:
Upgrade Your Island Hotel By Getting 30 Or More Sub-Villagers And Unlock All 7 Harvest Sprites. They Will Come On The 1st Or 2nd Of Fall And Stay Unti

Unlock Lanna:
Unlock E.Town (around Spring 11) and catch 70 or more items while fishing (fish, Empty Cans, etc.)

Unlock Lyle:
Collect exactly 1,000,000 G and he will appear the next day.

Unlock Mark or Chelsea:
Unlock ALL of the areas by building three bridges, ALL main villagers with the Mineral Town visitors, and the seven Harvest Sprites.

unlock Melanie:
Unlock ALL characters.

Unlock Mirabelle:
Automatically moves in around Spring 12.

Unlock Nathan and Alisa:
Unlock the Forest by asking Gannon to build the bridge from W.Town to the Forest. Once that is completed, toss a favorable gift into the Goddess' pond.

Unlock Pierre:
Once you have learned 5 cooking recipes he should move in.

Unlock Regis:
Comes with Sabrina

Unlock Sabrina:
Ship 20 or more items found in the Mine

Unlock Shea:
Hire Gannon to build the bridge from E.Town to the Jungle.

Unlock Tebo:
Upgrade ALL your tools and get 500,000 G

Unlock Tebo's Mom - Sheila:
Upgrade ALL your tools and get 500,000 G

Unlock Unknown Named Child:
After you get married, 5 years later shes gives birth to another child.

Unlock Vaughn:
Automatically appears on Spring 16.

Unlock W. Princess:
Have Gannon build the bridge between W.Town and the Forest.

Unlock Wada:
Have Gannon build the bridge that leads to the Jungle, then visit the area.
IslandsAdded 24 Jan 2011, ID #15147
Below is a list of islands you can raise and how many Sun Stones are required to do it.

Ranch Link Island:
3 Sun Stones required.

Rice Island:
4 Sun Stones required.

Volcano Islands:
8 Sun Stones required.

Fruit Island:
10 Sun Stones required.

Greenhouse Island:
10 Sun Stones required.

Wild Animal Island:
10 Sun Stones required.

Mushroom Island:
12 Sun Stones required.

Mystic Islands:
12 Sun Stones required.
Haw to marry JuliaAdded 4 Aug 2010, ID #14452
Give her any flowers but she
Likestoy flowers in the spring
sunstonesAdded 19 Jul 2010, ID #14286
there is a sunstne in the middle of chen's and mirable's shop in the bush........
UnlockablesAdded 8 Dec 2009, ID #12887
The following animals become available when you complete the corresponding task.

Unlock Horse:
Get Mirabelle to 5,000 Friendship points.

Unlock Dog:
Get 5,000 Animal Degree points.

Unlock Cat:
Spend at least 30,000G at Massel's shop.

Unlock Pig:
Ship 100 mushrooms after raising the Mushroom island.

Unlock Special Chicken:
Ship an 'S' rank egg.

Unlock Special Cow:
Ship 'S' rank milk.

Unlock Special Sheep:
Ship 'S' rank wool.

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