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The Best Team hint for Bleach: The 3rd Phantom


The Best Team

There is only one thing you need to remember when making a team, and that is that any team is the best team as long as you have Hanataro and either Rukia or Captain Unohana on your team because with their healing ability your people will never die as long as they aren't at low levels

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Ppl he's not saying that having just these chars automadically make it the best team, he's just saying that if you have one of these characters your gonna win hands down. And I agree totally, My best team consists of Masturi(power)
Fujimaru (Speed)
Soi Fon
and Yachiru
Amd I win easily through each level thanks to Rukia and Momo because their so strong with kido and rukia's healing ability helps a lot.

Added 13th Mar 2013, ID #263292

None of those are the best team in my opinion.

I play this game during the last 1.5 years, I have all the Chars, and all the Special Items, and using the special bonus points you gain in some stages after completing Bleach Tower I could max-out my chars to have Atk, Def, Acc and Eva in 99 (with some items equipped I can go to 108 in some of this stats), and HP and SP at 9999 and 999.

I have all of this whithout any cheats - that's why I play this game during so much time.

I concluded the most important thing is the MOV stat. Other things that I concluded is that you dont need any healers because with that stats maxed out the enemys at the level 30 in Bleach Tower cant even touch you (they only touch you when they use Support Attacks ... but the damage dealt is of 10 or a few more).

You only need attacking Kido that can affect more than one enemy (Raikoho, Sokatsui, Cero, Grand Rey Cero, and Byakurai), and this Kido is not usefull at main enemys of Bleach Tower after level 20.

My team, after a lot of tests is the following:

Yachiru - MOV 8
Hiyori - MOV 7, Byakurai
DiRoy - MOV 6, Cero
Arturo - MOV 6, Cero, Grand Rey Cero
Yoruichi (Adult) - Raikoho, Move after attack
Fujimaru (Speed) - Sokatsui, Bankai
Tosen - Sokatsui, Bankai
Aizen (Hueco Mundo) - Raikoho

With this team I can pass all the Bleach Tower easily and using only 1 or 2 turns in some battles (the final one I need 5 - I'm still trying to beat that). Four of those chars have a MOV higher than 5 (Yachiru has 8)and the other can move 5.

Added 27th Mar 2012, ID #126778

The best team is, in my opinion, Unohana, Matsuri(main character,power),Gin,Arturo,Byakuya,Kyoraku,Kusaga,Suzunami**

**other good characters are edrad yamamoto grimmjow and ikkaku+urahara combo (bankai and blood shield w/ SP restore= unstoppable)(except for kido):(

Added 18th Feb 2012, ID #116221

sorry no offense but no thats not the best team the best team is byakuya,hitsugya,yorouichi,arturo,gin,azien,grimjow,renji(good banki skill)or ikaku(good banki skill).some advise try to increase a few lvls at team preperation screen go to free battle i did this and hand the twins att lvl 99 by the time banki training was over and the rest of my team were lvl 5o by the time i beat the story i increased 5 lvl each time just some advice.also anly use your skill points for your zanpakto to get the skills you want.when thats done use all the remaining points for health

Added 29th Aug 2011, ID #70948

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