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When you have Nookington, you can change your hair.
The color names Harriet uses are kinda strange, I found the key:
Mysterious: brown
Young: blue
Lush: green
Radiant: white
Safe: brown
Lighthearted: blond
Fiery: orange
Flirty: pink
Hope this helps you save some money.

Added by: black-shade Dec 31st 2005, ID#453 and get
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Get foreign fruit! They sell for 500 bells which is great.[/strike]

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452132

Come to my town my gates are open and my town name is Pizza. PLZ buy something!

Added 12th Apr 2014, ID #374020

How do i change my year without gettin any grass im in the year 2099 i started like that idk y how can i change my year back to current time and date?!?!

Added 27th Jun 2013, ID #293164

hi i have both a acww and aclgttc i got nooktinghams on the wii one without anyone visiting!is it only that it is on acww that ppl have 2 visit?

Added 31st May 2013, ID #286688

if you want/need lots of money get a shovel (it doesn't matter if it is golden or normal) hit every rock in your town until a bag of bells pops out if they do keep hitting it until no more come out, THIS CHEAT DOES WORK I MAKE 2500 BELLS EVERY DAY, SOMETIMES MORE!!

Added 4th May 2013, ID #279900

How do u find your friend code?

Added 25th Jan 2013, ID #246265

to get nookingtons a real human friend has to come to your town and buy stuff from nookway the next day it should be remodoling the NEXT day you will have nookington

Note: i have nookingtons and timmy and tommy are sooo cute!!

Added 27th Dec 2012, ID #229911

I've been trying a cheat to finish another cheat for a while now hope it worksx

Added 3rd Dec 2012, ID #214817

Hi, does anyone have a friend code so I can be their friend? I don't have any friends right now. :(

Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #168260

TOWN: Sparx
FC: 5157-8870-3007

Added 3rd Jul 2012, ID #160019

that doesnt work you have to buy at leat 240000 bells at nookway to get nookingtons

Added 22nd Jun 2012, ID #155695

also to get nookingtons you have to have a friend that doesnt live inyour town buy something from his store previouse. hope this helps

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139905

[color=red][/color] A good strategy to make money is to just sell fossils (that have already been identified) instead of giving them to the muesuem. Cause no one cares about it.

Added 4th Apr 2012, ID #129295

hey i know ow to get songs go to kk slider (in the museum in the roost at 8 o clock) he will say hey do want to lisen to my songs say yes when he says type in the song you want to listen say quit he will play you a random song and give you it afterwards it orks

Added 5th Mar 2012, ID #120652

the whole "get tons of bells" thing does work, but then you have tons of weeds and putting down a pattern tile DOES NOT HELP AT ALL!!!!!

Added 29th Jan 2012, ID #110615


Added 11th Nov 2011, ID #86616

hey I really want a way to get rid of weeds any one know?

Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #84020

Hey guys im allways really bored on my game so i wonderd if u could tell me a freid code then we can connedt

Added 22nd Oct 2011, ID #81921

Cover the ground in pattern tiles, then do the hint above it works, and there's no weeds afterwards :D

Added 8th Sep 2011, ID #73306

how to get 99,999 from the town hall! WORKS
1. change date to 1/1/2000 on your ds settings. Then do same to animal crossing.
2. Go on player and go to town hall
3. Save 50,000 or more into your savings account.
4. Log off and go into your ds settings
5. Change date 11 years forward. DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR ANIMAL CROSSING CLOCK!
6. Once you click on your player there should be mail, one from the house rating people, one maybe from mom and one from the town hall.
(The more money you have in your account the more intrest you get)
Hope this helped!:D

Added 30th Aug 2011, ID #71251

wow thanks!

Added 27th Aug 2011, ID #70526

I love Animal Crossing!!! I own a dsi and its awesome!!! I have lots of friends who vists me through the gate!! I live in Cow City please come and stay!

Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #69233

If you want bells on accf or aclgttc (Animal Crossing Wii) Just Make it July Any Day of that month and make it 12:00am. Catch bugs and sell to nooks

Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #66825

Im inlove with Whitney!!
_That Person_

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57520

i need a real cheat that actully works and have no weeds

Added 26th Jun 2011, ID #52480

Here's a cheat for 100,000 bells. WARNING you may have weeds everywhere after this cheat
Note you need 35,567 or 50,000 bells to do this cheat and Yes it works with 35,567

1. Go to your DS settings (not animal crossing) and change it to 4/10/00 And repeat on animal crossing settings

2. Go back onto animal crossing and place 50,000 into your savings account

3. Save and go back to DS settings (not animal crossing) and change the time to. 8/12/99

4. Go back onto animal crossing and you will have a letter from townhall if not repeat

Hope you enjoy this cheat it does work and I made 1000,000 bells by doing it 10 times

Added 8th Jun 2011, ID #47908

Animal crossing is Great!

Added 7th Jun 2011, ID #47582

Do you want alot of money in about 20 minutes?

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Plant lots of fruit trees.

Step 2: Get rid of ALL of your weeds.

Step 3: Plant lots of flowers near most
people's houses including your own.

Step 4: Save and then go on the clock to change the day. e.g. 28.5.11 make it 29.5.11 then 30.5.11. By then there should be lovely planted trees and flowers all over your world!

Step 5: Then pick ALL of the fruit of off the trees and then sell all of that fruit to Tom Nook's. After a while you will have no fruit on the trees. That means that after a few days there should be more fruit and keep on doing that for 1 week (on animal crossing).

P.S. It works I did it and I got 50.000 from the trees in 2 days!

Added 29th May 2011, ID #45627

Yo is it just me or is Rowan the cutest thing you ever
seen!! I totally want to be boyfriend and girlfriends
with him!!

Added 10th May 2011, ID #42394

not true you cant even git in to your pocket to drop stuff sorry

Added 10th May 2011, ID #42390

Do you ever want to block Resseti?

All you do is place furniture, clothes, flooring, etc, etc on where he useually shouts at you and also do it the other side.

Added 22nd Feb 2011, ID #29968

it is true it does work on the wii in the city 2

Added 5th Dec 2010, ID #20285

Its 3000 bells. Thanks this saved me heaps of time!

Added 2nd Nov 2010, ID #17030

how many bells dose it take to get Nookingtons

Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #10744


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