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This is for dude that.

If you want past the tree part then ou have to find a door that has webs on it. Go to a torch nearby. Catch a deku stick on fire.

Then touch the web with the burning stick. The webs will catch on fire and disappear. Go through the door and go through the rest of the parts. When you get out then you'll see a web on the floor. Push the block in the water.

Catch a stick o fire. jump on the blockwith the stick. Then jump on the land. hit the webs on the ground with your stick. the webs will catch on fire.

Go through the hole. Later you will run into a boss. shoot it in its eyes and then chop it up. GOOD LUCK

This isn't a lie.

Ask.com and get

You can make a deku stick stronger than a giants knife.

First you have to take out a deku stick. Then you have to jump off a cliff with a wall next to it.

When your in the air swing the stick at the wall. It will break in half and you can use it.

It will not break.Take note it will disapear if you use another c item or climb a wall.

Have fun with your new sword.


Big Bomb Bag.

When on the death mouatian trail visit the little called Goron City.

On the second story from where you come in at you will see a big Goron rolling down the path stop him with a bomb.



So Zeldas lullaby comes in usefull (Finally!)

Go up to a sign any where (except For the pointed ones) cut it in any way and then walk up to it and play zeldas Lullaby (C-left,C-up,C-right,C-left,C-up,C-right) and the sign will Mysteriosly put its self back together again (like Humpty dumpty except it is fixed and all the kings horses and all the kings men dont come and put it back together again)


Find the small island along the wall of the lake and use a bomb to clear the wall behind the 2 different colored rocks.

This opens another Great Fairy's Cave. Go inside it to recieve Farore's Wind, which works like a warp spell in dungeons.


Ok I've been seaching the web for quit some time now and I've found out something: EVERY DESCRIPTION TO GET THE TRIFORCE IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!!

I would like to no the COMPLETE TRUTH on how to get the triforce.

I mean its really ticking me off! I'm begging for someone to tell me the truth on how to get the triforce......

Please post on this site if you know!



This is foe that guy TOTAL DARKNESS. When you first find the illegal sinking lure you probly found it behind the rocks where the crack in the wall is at.

Try walking on the log sticking out of the water. The same thing happened to me to but I havent tried the log part.

And for all the gamers out there you can steal the fishing guys hat! (must be adult duhh) Just take your rod and cast it at the fishing guy. It may take a couple of tries.

If you do it right you will hook his hat and uncover his bald head! Really Funny.


This is for Dude That, when you break the web you want to walk onto the button to light the torch and light a deku stick and jump across the

shallow(were the water isn't deep)end and light the web.

In the new room there is a deku scrub.

Use your Deku shield and go stand were the leaves are on the ground till the scrub tells a

secret.After that take your Fairy Slingshot on the silver eye just above

the barred door to open it.

When you com in go the left and you shuold see

a ramp. In that same room go to the middle left and dive to hit a button that is timed.

After you press the button go to the ramp and jump onto the

moveing platform when it's close before

you run out of time. Now kill the

Big Skulltula to move the block.

In this room wacth out for the Big Sulltula. Kill it and take out your slingshot and use it on the 3 eggs on


In the same room light a dekustick and light east web in the room and go through the crawl space and

you will be in the same room you started in. Go and push the block into the water.

Go to the torch and light a

deku stick and go across to the web you saw when you came out of the crawl space.

Walk to the middle of the web and swing the deku stick thats burning to fall through the hole.

In the new room use your shield to hit the scrubs in order. When you first enter that room you see the door with boss in it.

To get in hit the scrubsin the order

2, 3, 1 .1 is to the left of the door

and 3 is to the right and 2 is in the


Do this and you have to go beat the boss Q ueen Gohma.

To beat the boss, you have to hold the Z Button and when her eye turns red use the fairyslingshot on her eye and use your sword on her 4 or more times to beat her and Looky there,

You got the first stone!


When you are a kid in the Kokori forest cut off a sign near a fence it will land onthe fence.

Jump up on the sign and play zeldas lullaby you are floating in mid-air!

You can walk on air where the sign used to be until you touch the ground


You can get as many red rupies as you want.

First you go were Zelda is (as a kid,not inside outside the castle)were the tree is, play the storm song.

A hole will appear, go in it, there will be a wall, blow it up.

There will be four pots the first one on the right will be a red rupie 2`nd pot is a bomb first one on the left are deque nuts 2`nd left one is a deque nut.....!


Hey, Everybody! I have some advice for when you are going against Volvagia.

(1)Don't freak out, but if you do, STAY AWAY FROM THE DRAGON!!!!

(2)Have at least two fairies

(3)make sure you have the megaton hammer ready

(4)When you get to the platform where you get to fight Volvagia walk around till he/she whatever comes out.

When IT pops out give it a good well-aimed smack on the head that should keep it down long enough to give at least three whacks on the head.

Keep this up for a while and Volvagia will be destroyed.

Hope I helped alot, but I have a problem too. My friend told me that I would get a better hookshot or something after beating Dark Link in the Water temple.

The problem is WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DARK LINK? It's driving me crazy!

Answer quickly please.

Thanks, Bye


The lost dog (young link)Go to hyrule castle at nighttime and go behind the table by Baazar.

You should see a white puppy.Take it to one of the houses at in the back alley and talk to the lady inside and she will reward you for returning her puppy.


Hey,everybody knows where you first meet princess zelda right?Well,go to the the window on the right side and look in.

You should see pictures of Mario,luigi,peach,bowser,yoshi,and a bunch of other nintendo game characters.

If you go to the left window and hit it with your slingshot and a guard will pop out and say something like"don't be causing too much trouble"or something like that,and he will throw a bomb at you!very funny to see, but you can only do it once.....


When in kokiri village stand near the house a chicken is in a box, after a while a hole will apear jump in there will be 2 zombies kill them the a chest will apear open it and there will be a gold rubee........!


Here are a few discoveries -

1)If you wear the bunny hood on hyrule field at night, the stalchild will not come out.

2)You only need to catch a 9-pounder fish, not a 17-pounder fish, in lake Hylia, to get the sinking lure. Then, ask the guy to weigh your fish, then talk about something until he says he won't give away company secrets. Then go over to the sticking-up bit of wood to snag the lure.

3)In the grave with the flowers in front, put a bomb in the back, behind the chest. You will find a fairy fountain.

4)(you need din's fire first) In the royal family grave, destroy the keese in the first room, then use din's fire in the doorway to the second, but don't go to the second room. If done correctly, you will find a chest.

5)After nightfall and before 00:00 in the night, go into the gravekeeper's hut to find his diary, telling you about a shrinking stretchy thing...

6)When you need to find the dog in the town square at night, go to the stand to the right of link (your left) and the the little white one there will follow you.

7)Get 10 Golden skulltulas to be able to hold 200 rupees at a time. If you have a rumble pak, get 20 to get the stone of agony - the pad will rumble near secrets.

Now for clarifications...

1)You can't get the triforce.

2)You can't make bosses your friends.

3)You can't marry anyone.

4)You don't turn into a poe if you drink 100 poe spirits in a row.

And finally, questions...

1)I know you have to find the guy running around Lonlon ranch at night to sell the bunny hood, but I can't find him!!!

2)I'm stuck in JabuJabu's belly. I can't find the map, let alone pass the room with the two Octorocs and the big red block thing in the middle!!!

Thank you for your time, and I hope you like my hints.


To get the sinking lour at the fishing pond go to the place where the grass is stcking out.

There go to the place where your just walking and not swiming. You should stop and the sinking lour should come up.

Note: For the fun when it saind what I wanted to do with it I said to get rid of it and I saved it. DONT DO THAT!

If you do it wont come back. If you dont want to use it just dont walk there.


No thumbs


I have 6 things... 2 questions, and 4 facts...


2.There is no possible way to get bosses to be your friends.

3.There is no lake of rage in this game.

4.You CAN'T get infinent magic.

Now for my questions...


2.When you are young Link, who do you sell the skull mask to?

ID #3478, by Guest

Hey, J.C., I saw your problem in colmn 2, well you go before Goron City, then you turn left, if you only see a wall, then go toward it. you should see a gate and a bombflower, pick up the bomb flower, then throw it off. The bomb bag is some where in there.


Message for the mystirious person thini majigger in orer to hold your breath longer underwater you need to go to the top of the waterfall in zoras domain and play the diving game. Win it by collecting all the green rupees in the water and you get extra breating time under water so you can go through the tunnel to lake hylia and get the message in a bottle from the princess to give to the king


Well some guy called JJ234 wanted to know about the bomb plants.

Well those are not bomb bags they are things called bomb flowers well you need a Goron's Bracelet to pick it up and I'll tell you how to get it.

Well go to Goron's City and go to the bottom floor and there will be a door with a carpet in front of it well go to it and play Zelda's Lullaby and it will open then go to the Goron.

Play Saria's Song for him and he'll give you the Goron's Bracelet so now leave the city and turn right and pick up the bomb flower and thow at the big boulder to open Dodongo's Cavern.

Well hope that answered it and you get the bombs and bomb bag from Dodongo's Cavern.

Oh and if you need help just tell me and I'll help because I got the whole guide and I hope you see my owl tree cheat.

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