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Unlock Alternate Costumes:
Highlight a character and press any of the four C-buttons to use an alternate outfit

Unlock Captain Falcon:
In under 20 minutes beat the 1-Player game with any character on any diffculty. You will then fight Captain Falcon and if you defeat him you can play as Captain Falcon.

Unlock Jigglypuff:
Using any character on any difficulty setting beat the 1-Player game and you'll then be able to fight Jigglypuff. If you defeat him you can now play as Jigglypuff.

Unlock Luigi:
Using ALL 8 of the original characters beat Bonus Practice 1. This can be achieved in Bonus Practice mode or in the 1-player game.

Unlock Ness:
Using any character beat the 1-Player game on Normal difficulty setting using only 3 lives and without continuing. When this has been achieved you will then fight Ness and if you win you will be able to play as Ness.

Added 12 Dec 2006, ID #5770, by Sanzano and get

Play as ash or misty. And master hand.

Spell Mario on your controller.
A,L,A,are,L,C down,L,C up.
A+L=M,L+C down=I,L+C up=o.
Switch screens with L or are.
Hit the graphic button.
Or play as MASTER HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By rotating control stick 30 times.
Choose any character and start!

Ash:B move-Dodge
Up B move-Hat boomerang
Down B move-Switch to Pikachu

Misty:B move-Charge
Up B move-Super Jump(One hit and opponent is dead)
Down B move-Switch to Jiggly Puff

Master Hand:Update will be soon

Added 12 Oct 2011, ID #6584, by Guest

master hand in vs mode

800A4D2B 000C<-----player 1
800A4D9F 000C<-----player 2
800A4E13 000C<-----player 3
800A4E87 000C<-----player 4

Added 16 Jul 2010, ID #6492, by Guest

Quick K.O

For a quick K.O use Captain Falcon get your foe up to 60 or more and use Falcon Punch to throw them far.

Added 25 Dec 2009, ID #6445, by yougotmail

Unlock Sound Room

To unlock the sound room you need to clear Break All Targets and Board All Platforms with all characters to unlock the sound room.

Added 24 Dec 2009, ID #6444, by yougotmail


Hello. Its mastaplaya21 here. To make this work, go to training. Choose samus. Choose any opponent. Go to any level. Make sure that your opponent is at 999% damage (do the 999% damage glitch to do it faster). Make sure that samus has a sparkling fist or whatever you call it. Then, put 4 bob-ombs in front of the opponent. To top it off, use the B attack and face the bob-ombs, and.......... BOOOOOOOOOOMMM!! Your opponent will go FLYING!!!

NOTE: Do it fast or else the Bob-ombs will blow up sooner!

Happy Gaming!!

Added 4 Jun 2009, ID #6383, by mastaplaya21


Hello. Its mastaplaya21 here. In order to make this work, go to training. Then, choose ANY level (you must use Mario, Luigi, or Samus). Make sure the opponent is on a platform that you are able to jump through (make sure the opponent is standing still). Put 4 GREEN SHELLS right on the opponent. Then to top it off, press UP and B at the same time right on the opponent and........POW!!! The damage on the opponent will go up REALLY FAST!! With Mario or Luigi, you'll hear the sound of coins. With Samus, you'll hear banging noises. TRUST ME, it works. Happy gaming!

Added 31 May 2009, ID #6382, by mastaplaya21

Funny Bob-Omb Cheat


This trick needs pikachu in training mode(it works better if you have already a lot of damage).First get as much Bob Ombs in one spot as you can.Then use Thunder(Up B)...KABOOM!!!!!!!!! If you did it properly,you will be in orbit(i mean you are KO'd)!!!!!


Added 25 Jan 2009, ID #6334, by darkheartless

red shell glitch

For this glitch you have to be fox and have to turn on red shells only.Then go to the temple.Then go all the way to the right and grab a red shell throw it on the ground and put on the reflecter on fox and wait until the red shell breaks and fox will get 70-160 damage.

PLEASE do not copy this glitch onto any other websites.

Added 13 Jun 2008, ID #6254, by ccchhh

1 hit 999

Ok in training mode pick mario as you and any opponent next pick any level I prefer the musroomkingdom level next send out As much green turtel shells as you can get right in front of your opponent next go where the green turtle shells are face your opponent and then use b down it was make the hp go to 999 you will stop hitting your opponent until the green turtle shells are gone.

Added 25 Nov 2007, ID #6164, by mario54

Fun things to try out

Here are a few things that you can try out at your leisure!

Freeze Ai in place/Keep AI busy, various tricks and glitches

1. Take one CPU-player (I would prefer Mario) at level 9 and start playing the Mushroom Kingdom stage. Put a Green Shell next to the green warp pipe on the left side. On that large platform made of bricks, yes. Get the CPU up there and position yourself right below the platform.

Result: The CPU will pick up the shell and toss it downwards, over and over again. As long as he don't throw it upwards, this is an excellent way to keep a single CPU-player occupied while you fool around.

2. Same as above, only that you must position yourself on the upper platform while the CPU is right below it.

Result: If done correctly, the CPU will freeze in place at one specific square to the left of the pit in the middle. If you move, he moves.

3. Place an item right below the lower platform on the right side of the pit in the Mushroom Kingdom stage.

Result: If a CPU lands on the platform right above the item, he will stand up there performing his A-button command, strangely enough thinking that he's standing right on the item and trying to pick it up in vain. He won't stop until the item disappears. (this glitch may not always work perfectly as the CPU sometimes drops down after landing on the platform)

The above glitch can also occur in other stages.

4. Just some information here: A CPU will never go for the items landing on the clouds in the Yoshi's Island stage. Never.

Item tricks and glitches.

1. Grab a fan and smack one of the Piranha Plants in the Mushroom Kingdom stage once.

Result: The fan will become larger than normal! This is purely a cosmetic effect and it reverts to normal if you hit something else.

The above glitch will also occur if you cause another player to drop a held item by smacking him/her with the fan.

2. To make all item-carriers explosive, read the following: Go to the Item Switch option and turn off all items except for Maxim Tomato. Appearance rate doesn't matter. Then start a game on the Hyrule Kingdom stage.

Result: All capsules, barrels, crates and Chansey eggs will be explosive!

Have fun!! See ya later!

Added 27 Jun 2007, ID #6058, by Creepglitch

Ok this is good

When your playing on teams and playing stock.
When your teamate dies tell him to press start and a life from you will slide over to your partner. You have to have two or more.

Added 14 Dec 2006, ID #5802, by emery

Unlock Luigi

If you beat all of the target games with all the original characters you will unlock Luigi

Added 20 Jul 2006, ID #5590, by Maili5994

Moves that every charactar can do.


(Right or Left+A),(Left or Right+Z) and

(Up,Up+Rwhile in air).

Added 30 Aug 2005, ID #5343, by cheatcodemaster

Heap of CHEATS

hi its lil_memi, and I got some good cheats for you.
And you cane trust me because I have clocked the whole game.

First of all how to get the four secret characters:

Do every break the target with all the origanal character

Beat the game on any diffuculty and any stock(lives)

Captian Falcon:
Beat the game in under 20 min

Beat the game on normal diffuculty and with there stock- no continues


Mushroom Kingdom (secret Level):
Beat the games with all origanal characters on any diffucuty and on any stock

Item switch:
Play vs mode 50 times

Share lives in team matches:
Players can share lives. If you just lost your last life, pause and then unpause. you should have an extra life.
But to do this your partner must have atleast 2 or maore lives.

How to beat master hand fast:
When your versing master hand the boss, just jump above him press Down+A
You will do a tornado kick.

Before i go dont listen to any one who says that you can get metal mario, etc. There just trying to waste your time. The only secret characters are the four above.

Added 25 Mar 2005, ID #5104, by lil_memi

Funny Shieldbreakers

Ever wondered how you can see Kirby as a drunk, hypnotised, singing foursome, or DK listening to music with his headphones? Well, thats what I'm gonna tell you now. First to do this cheat the best you need four controllers (any number of controllers will do, but four gives the best effect for some of the characters) and the Mushroom Kingdom course.

Got all that? Good. Now get four of any character and stand them in a line under the platform on the far left that you can't go through from the bottom and make sure they are all in view. If you have more than 2 controllers you might want a friend to help with this next bit. Get all the characters to have their shield on (use Z button) at the same time. If you keep the shield on the shields will break on all characters and give the funniest effects.

Here Are My Favourite Ones:
Jigglypuff: Looks like a drunk singing group.
Capt Falcon: Looks like a drunk driving a car.
Samus: Looks like she's letting off some gas.
Link: Looks like he's struggling to breath.
DK: looks like he's listning to music with headphones.
Yoshi: (In a line) Looks like he's trying to bite the tail off the one in front
Kirby: Looks like a drunk and hypnotised singing group.
Fox: Looks like he's just waking from a deep slumber
Pikachu: Looks like a drunk trying to speak normally.

A Few Things To Remember:
Always stand under the platform on the far left (so you dont go flying into orbit)
You can always feel free to switch the character combinations around for some cool effects (eg. Jigglypuffs and Kirbys singing drunk together or Capt Falcon at the front of the line and Kirby/Jigglypuffs singing in the back seat as Capt Falcon drives drunkenly home).

If the things I say what they look like don't seem to look the same as to what I said then that's your mind and you haven't done it wrong.
Last but not least, keep your characters very close for better effect.

PS. I realise this is quite a long submission, so thanks for taking the time to read it

Added 27 Nov 2004, ID #4951, by dragon_champ

How to unlock the characters

Luigi:Beat the 1st minigame with all original characters.
Ness:Beat the game on easy-3 lives-no continues
Captain Falcon: Get over 1000000 points
Jigglypuff:Beat the game on any difficulty level-any number of lives- you can use continues.


On Super Smash Bros. On one player When you fight the yoshi team, Kill them
in order and then at the end You will get the yoshi merit award.


In 1P mode when you fight pikachu you can just stand on the ledge that has an H on it and you can either give him a little punch or just jump over him when he comes near you, and he will jump off the cliff on his own.


Okay in 1player mode if you beat the Kirby team in order you will get a special Kirby award for 15,000 points!

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