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Apple Pie: Cake Mix + Apple. Recovers 4HP 4FP

Big Cookie: Cake Mix + either Red Berry, Yellow
Berry, Goomnut, or Egg: Recovers 20FP

Bland Meal: Koopa Leaf + Red Berry or Yellow Berry or Blue berry or Goomnut: Recovers 10HP 10FP

Boiled Egg: Egg + Stinky herb or Strange Leaf. Recovers 8HP 8FP

Cake: Cake mix. Recovers 15FP

Coco Pop: Cake Mix + Coconut Recovers 3HP 15FP

Deluxe Feast: Strange Leaf + Whacka's Bump or Potato Salad + Shroom Steak. Recovers 40HP 40FP

Dizzy Dial: Strange Leaf + Stinky Herb or Strange Leaf + Volt Shroom.

Egg Bomb: Egg + Fire Flower

Electro Pop: Cake Mix + Volt Shroom

Fire Flower: Dried Fruit + Strange Leaf

Fire Pop: Cake Mix + Fire Flower. Lose 1HP and gain 20FP

Fried Egg: Egg. Recovers 10HP

Fried Shroom: Mushroom, Super Shroom, or a Fire Flower + Dried Shroom. Recovers 6HP 2FP

Frozen Fries: Fire Flower + Iced Potato. Recovers 15HP

Healthy Juice: Special Shake + Stinky Herb Recovers 4HP 40FP

Honey Candy: Honey Syrup + Cake Mix Recovers 20FP

Honey Shroom: Honey Syrup + Mushroom Recovers 5HP 5FP

Honey Super: Honey Syrup + Super Shroom Recovers 10HP 5FP

Honey Ultra: Honey Syrup + Ultra Shroom. Recovers 50HP 5FP

Hot Shroom: Volt Shroom Recovers 15HP 5FP

Jelly Pop: Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix. Recovers 64FP

Jelly Shroom: Jammin Jelly + Mushroom. Recovers 5HP 50FP

Jelly Super: Jammin' Jelly + Super Shroom. Recovers 10HP 50FP

Jelly Ultra: Jammin' Jelly + Ultra Shroom. Recovers 50HP 50FP

Kooky Cookie: Koopa Leaf + Cake Mix

Koopa Tea: Koopa Leaf. Recovers 7FP

Koopasta: Koopa Leaf + Dried Pasta. Recovers 7HP 7FP

Lemon Candy: Cake Mix + Lemon. Recovers 5HP 15FP

Life Shroom: Koopa Leaf + Mushroom

Lime Candy: Cake Mix + Lime. Recovers 20FP

Maple Shroom: Maple Syrup + Mushroom. Recovers 5HP 10FP

Maple Super: Maple Syrup + Super Shroom. Recovers 10HP 10FP

Maple Ultra: Maple Syrup + Ultra Shroom. Recovers 50HP 10FP

Nutty Cake: Goomnut. Recovers 10FP

Potato Salad: Iced Potato. Recovers 10HP

Shroom Cake: Cake Mix + Mushroom. Recovers 10HP 10FP

Shroom Steak: Life Shroom + Dried Shroom. Recovers 30HP 10FP

Sleepy Sheep: Strange Leaf + Blue Berry

Spaghetti: Dried Pasta. Recovers 6HP 4FP

Special Shake: Melon. Recovers 20FP

Spicy Soup: Fire Flower. Recovers 4HP 4FP

Strange Cake: Strange Leaf + Cake Mix

Super Soda: Honey Syrup. Recovers 5FP

Sweet Shroom: Cake Mix + Ultra Shroom. Recovers 30HP 20FP

Tasty Tonic: Coconut

Thunder Rage: Dried Fruit + Volt Shroom

Volt Shroom: Dried Fruit + Mushroom

Yoshi Cookie: Cake Mix + Melon. Recovers 15HP 15FP

Yummy Meal: Dried Pasta + Dried Fruit. Recovers 20HP 20FP

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how you get a melon

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worked thanks!

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