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NFL Blitz 2000 Cheats for Nintendo 64

NFL Blitz 2000 Pack Shot

NFL Blitz 2000

NFL Blitz 2000 Cheats for Nintendo 64

We have 4 cheats on Nintendo 64
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UnlockablesAdded 21 Dec 2006, ID #5877
At the VS screen enter the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. The numbers indicate how many times Turbo, Jump and the Pass buttons need to be pressed. 3-2-1 for example means press Turbo 3 times, press Jump 2 times and press Pass 1 time.

Unlock Turbo:
0-3-2, Left.

Unlock Infinite Turbo:
5-1-4, Up.

Unlock Super Passes:
2-5-0, Left.

Unlock Super Blitzing:
0-4-5, Up.

Late Hits:
0-1-0, Up.

No 1st Downs:
2-1-0, Up.

No Fumbles:
4-3-2, Down.

No Interceptions:
3-4-4, Up.

No Out-Of-Bounds:
2-1-1, Left.

No Punting:
1-5-1, Up.

Unlock Power-Up Blockers:
3-1-2, Left.

Unlock Power-Up Defense:
4-2-1, Up.

Unlock Power-up Teammates:
2-3-3, Up.

Unlock Power-Up Offense:
3-2-1, Up.

Unlock City Stadium:
5-0-1, Left.

Unlock Day Stadium:
5-0-1, Down.

Unlock Night Stadium:
5-0-2, Down.

Unlock Old Day Stadium:
5-0-1, Up.

Unlock Old Night Stadium:
5-0-2, Up.

Unlock Old Snow Stadium:
5-0-3, Up.

Unlock Roman Stadium:
5-0-3, Left.

Unlock Snow Stadium:
5-0-3, Down.

Unlock Future Stadium:
3-0-2, Left.

Unlock Dirt Stadium:
3-0-2, Up.

Unlock Super Field Goals:
1-2-3, Left.

Unlock Asphalt Field:
3-0-1, Up.

Unlock Astroturf Field:
3-0-3, Up.

Unlock Grass Field:
3-0-0, Up.

Unlock Snow Field:
3-0-4, Up.

Unlock Clear Weather:
2-1-1, Left.

Unlock Rainy Weather:
5-5-5, Right.

Unlock Snowy Weather:
5-2-5, Down.

Unlock Foggy Weather:
0-3-0, Down.

Unlock Thick Foggy Weather:
0-4-1, Down.

At the 'Tonights Matchup' screen enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding teams.

Unlock Arizona Cardinals Playbook:
1-0-1, Left.

Unlock Atlanta Falcons Playbook:
1-0-2, Left.

Unlock Baltimore Ravens Playbook:
1-0-3, Left.

Unlock Buffalo Bills Playbook:
1-0-4, Left.

Unlock Carolina Panthers Playbook:
1-0-5, Left.

Unlock Chicago Bears Playbook:
1-1-0, Left.

Unlock Cincinatti Bengals Playbook:
1-1-2, Left.

Unlock Cleveland Browns Playbook:
1-1-3, Left.

Unlock Dallas Cowboys Playbook:
1-1-4, Left.

Unlock Denver Broncos Playbook:
1-1-5, Right.

Unlock Detroit Lions Playbook:
1-2-1, Left.

Unlock Green Bay Packers Playbook:
1-2-2, Left.

Unlock Indianapolis Colts Playbook:
1-2-3, Up.

Unlock Jacksonville Jaguars Playbook:
1-2-4, Left.

Unlock Kansas City Chiefs Playbook:
1-2-5, Left.

Unlock Miami Dolphins Playbook:
1-3-1, Left.

Unlock Minnesota Vikings Playbook:
1-3-2, Left.

Unlock New England Patriots Playbook:
1-3-3, Left.

Unlock New Orleans Saints Playbook:
1-3-4, Left.

Unlock New York Giants Playbook:
1-3-5, Left.

Unlock ew York Jets Playbook:
1-4-1, Left.

Unlock Oakland Raiders Playbook:
1-4-2, Left.

Unlock Philadelphia Eagles Playbook:
1-4-3, Left.

Unlock Pittsburg Steelers Playbook:
1-4-4, Left.

Unlock San Diego Chargers Playbook:
1-4-5, Left.

Unlock San Fransisco 49ers Playbook:
1-5-1, Left.

Unlock Seattle Seahawks Playbook:
1-5-2, Left.

Unlock St. Louis Rams Playbook:
1-5-3, Left.

Unlock Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playbook:
1-5-4, Left.

Unlock Tennessee Titans Playbook:
1-5-5, Left.

Unlock Washington Redskins Playbook:
2-0-1, Left.

Secret CharactersAdded 4 Feb 2005, ID #5035
At the Main Menu, select Arcade, then select New. You'll be prompted to enter a name for record keeping. Next, enter any one of the names and PINs below. When the message "Choose Controller Pak" appears, press A. Of the message "Controller Pak not found!" appears, just select Abort. If you entered the code correctly, you'll hear the announcer say, "Lights out, baby!" The code will be active for the next game you play.

Ask.com and get
Ask.com and get
ID #1539

Coach of the year

When you choose a team leave your finger on c-up

ID #1534
If you jump out of bounds three times in a role then kick a field goal on your fourth down and make it everyone on the field should be craling on their hands and knees everybodys a lot slower but it's a lot more fun!


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