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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Walkthrough and Guide

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Unique Items and Missables

One of the big questions from RPG gamers is always: "Which items are unique, which are missable, and what do I have to absolutely have to keep in mind in order to (eventually) still get a perfect inventory?" In Ni no Kuni this is fortunately much easier than in various other RPG's. Below you'll find the short list of unique and permanently missable items, along with what you must watch out for not to waste your potential perfect save file.

NOTE: We believe this list is complete, HOWEVER, we are human and capable of making mistakes. If you think something is missing from this list, please inform us immediately.

| ITEM:                | WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR:                                |  
| Nazcaän Longsword    | Never sell                                            |  
| Soppy Slapstick      | Never sell                                            |  
| Lullaby Lance        | Never sell                                            |  
| Mom's Favorite Pan   | Never sell                                            |  
| Flawed Claws         | Never sell                                            |  
| Nazcaän Helm         | Never sell                                            |  
| Nazcaän Armor        | Never sell                                            |  
| Diva's Mantle        | Never sell                                            |  
| Pretty Parasol       | Never sell                                            |  
| Hocus Focus Gem      | Get maximum amount of them from Firefry at The Road   |  
|                      | of Ruin (behind Perdida) while you still have access. |  
|                      | When you lose access to this path you also permanently|  
|                      | lose access to an infinite source of this item.       |  

IMPORTANT: While it doesn't warrant an entire section on its own, it's also important to know that certain enemy entries in your enemy encyclopedia can be permanently missed. The relevant entries are [387-396], which are all a "Wretch" type. These are fought near the end of the game in various towns. Once you go beyond a certain point in the story (it will be obvious when this is) you can never fight them again. Either get at least one of each, or, if you're aiming for hardcore perfection, maximize the counter for each of them.

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Added 6th Jan 2015, ID #497122

Pretty Parasol can be crafted, Mom's Frying Pan, Flawed Claws, Diva's Mantle, Soppy Slapstick and the Lullaby Lance can be bought off Smiley on the Iron Wyvern post game at anytime. They are just a little pricey is all. As for the Enemy encounters and the Nazcaan gear those ARE for a limited time aswell as the Hocus Focus Gems aswell. Just so those who are not aware of this. In order to purchase the Frying Pan, Flawed Claws, Soppy Slapstick, and Lullaby Lance you have to complete a certain post game errand however. Read the guide for further instruction.

Added 8th Nov 2014, ID #469096

Geez this site is horrible on mobile devices. Absolutely horrible

Added 12th Oct 2014, ID #457567

What bout hogs cog??

Added 18th Jun 2013, ID #291066

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