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Al Mamoon - Additional Exploration

You'll now have the opportunity to do several things. You can complete two more errands, and there are various treasures on the worldmap waiting to be found.

Now is also your last chance to backtrack and tell Old Father Oak about your adventure so far. It's a rather long road to backtrack, and (this time) the only reward is some unique dialogue, so you might just want to read it below. Old Father Oak usually gives items, just not this time.

Old Father Oak: "Ho ho ho! A new companion, hm? How very exciting!"

Oliver: "Uh-huh! Her name is Esther! She's awful clever, and-"

Drippy: "Oh, I see! She's CLEVER, is she!? Not like old Drippy, then? Silly old Drippy - always getting things wrong! And after all I've done! Ungrateful so-and-so..."

Oliver: "N-No, Mr. Drippy! I didn't mean that, I was just-"

Drippy: "Save youer breath, mun! Written all over youer innocent little face, it is! Youer lucky I'm not a sensitive soul! I'll just have to hope there's someone out there who'll appreciate a sidekick as lovable and funny and reliable as little old me..."

Old Father Oak: "Now, now, children! This is no time to let the green-eyed monster get the better of us!"

Drippy: "Oh, and now I'm a monster, is it? Kick me while I'm down, why don't you?"

Oliver: "No, Mr. Drippy! You've got it all wrong! Gee, I don't know what I'd do without you! Please, you can't leave me! I need you!"

Drippy: "Well, er...since you put it like that, I s'pose I could stick around a bit longer, like..."

Old Father Oak: "Ho ho ho! You are as susceptible to flattery as you are to jealousy, I see, Drippy! How very like you! Ho ho ho!"

Drippy: "What are you on about, mun? That wasn't flattery, that was the truth, plain and simple!"

Old Father Oak: "Very well, have it your way. I am just glad to see that you are friends again. Now, on your way, and no more bickering!"

In any case, head back to Al Mamoon and while on your way you'll be told to head to Old Smoky, the volcano in the far southwest. You might want to return to Al Mamoon first to do another errand, though. You can also complete Errand #048.

Errands / Bounties

Errand #048 - The King of Curries (finish last part)
Errand #071 - Desert Creatures

Errand #071 - Desert Creatures

A man in Al Mamoon who goes by the name of Derwin asked you to bring him some creatures from the desert.

Bring Derwin the creatures he asked to see.

Unlock Requirement:
Complete the Temple of Trials.

Stamps: 4

Rewards: [ ] Stardrop, [ ] Moondrop, [ ] 500 G

You can find Derwin the academic researcher on the east side of Al Mamoon. He's a researcher of familiars and needs you to catch some. To be more precise, he requires a Green Buncher and a Turbandit.

For your reference, the Green Buncher is the large, green, vegetable-like familiar while the Turbandit is the small, purple fellow with, well, a turban. Both can be found in the desert, and you'll most likely have to fight a lot of them before they can be caught by Esther's Serenade. When you've finally succeeded in capturing both familiars, return to Derwin to claim your reward.



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If you go back to old father oak after defeating molten, he will give you 3 phoenix feathers

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