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C-Gear, Wi-Fi Standout Features for Pokemon Black & White

The new C-Gear device in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version gives players an easier way to battle with others, and multiple ways of interacting with friends, while Wi-Fi capability in the game has finally been given the functionality it deserves with random pick-up battles with other players via Wi-Fi now a reality.

Using the IR Communication hardware built into the game card, gamers can now quickly connect with friends to battle and trade Pokémon faster than ever before -- and exchanging Friend Codes is now just the tap of a stylus and bam! Done!

The new C-Gear grants players a variety of game play and communication tools that utilize local wireless connections and the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service (broadband Internet access is required of course). Players have the option to always utilize the C-Gear while playing, which causes the game to constantly scan for new links (players) and allows instant access to any players discovered around them - it even displays what nearby players are doing in the game so you know whether an invitation will be a well-received challenge or a source of annoyance.

That is all great, and we are sure that it has you excited, but that is not the real news here mate! The big news is the Wi-Fi Random Matchup, which allows players to battle others from around the world over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service without needing to exchange Friend Codes, opening up even more opportunities for players to test their teams in battle.

The games launch in North America on March 6th, March 4th in the civilized world, and March 10th in Australia, but you pre-ordered, right?

Posted: 25th Jan 2011 by CMBF
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