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Pokemon Black

Some new screenshots and artwork have been added today for the foprthoming US release of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

There is not much official images out yet for the US versions of these games, so maybe this is stuff you haven't seen yet - it's straight from Nintendo - so right out of the horses mouth!

Posted: 31st Dec 2010 by Team SuperCheats
Pokemon Black, pokemon black, pokemon white


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InvertAlpha said:Starting January 4, I'll be posting info about all new Pokemon! It will end March 4. Maximum Pokemon per day would be 3 though...It's just to see opinions/critique with competitive opinions or how they look like, etc.

Rich, quoted from the Pokemon Black forum, is an idea of how you can update the pokedex. Think it's a good idea? I did want to help you update it...and I thought of this way.

InvertAlpha | Member | Joined: Jun 17th 2007
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Added 2nd Jan 2011, ID #2949092, by InvertAlpha
Only too bad that little 'Video Gamer' image covers up the majority of the pictures added, seeing as they're so small. =/

Forgoten_Scars | Member | Joined: Apr 16th 2009
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Added 1st Jan 2011, ID #2948484, by Forgoten_Scars
So cool can't wait till it comes out!

muffydarling | Member | Joined: Jan 1st 2011
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Added 1st Jan 2011, ID #2948162, by muffydarling

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