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Anomaly Warzone Earth North American Release Date Set

If Sgt. Joe Friday were doing the talking, this is how the conversation would go:

"Attention please; in addition to the usual information from today's briefing I have some urgent information that each unit should be aware of -- a suspect known by the alias 11 bit studios -- the same perpetrator who is allegedly distributing this nefarious and extremely addictive substance already known on the streets by the name "Anomaly Warzone Earth" -- has publicly declared its intentions today to flood the streets with their creation, which we are reliably informed can be accessed via multiple platforms that include the PlayStation Network, iOS devices, Android mobile devices, co-conspirator Xbox LIVE's XBLA, on Windows PC and that counterculture interface known as Mac.

"The Technical Services Division has examined this new designer drug called Anomaly Warzone Earth and has determined that it is part of the Tower Offense/Strategy type, and reliable informants close to the suspect have confirmed that the product will be hitting the streets on September 11, 2012 in the US, and has already inundated the streets of Europe, where it was released on August 29th.

"Units desiring more detailed information including descriptions can access that via the Data Terminal in your unit by loading the file from the network."

The surveillance footage below will provide you with a better understanding of what we are dealing with:

Posted: 6th Sep 2012 by CMBF
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