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WWE 13 in Development, Confirmed by THQ

As a gaming franchise that has been around for over a decade, the WWE games are some of the most popular in their their sports gaming market. It's very little surprise then, that today THQ have announced that they are adding yet another game to that ever growing list with the currently in development - WWE 13.

THQ say that WWE 13 will be a "revolutionary next installment in the WWE flagship videogame franchise", mirroring the very revolution that the WWE experienced this past year as world famous WWE Superstar CM Punk turned the franchise on its head, sparking his very own "revolution" amongst fans of the overenthusiastic take on the brawl and grapple based sport.

They have also revealed that the single player campaign featured in WWE 13 will be based on the "Attitude Era" - a period of time in WWE history in which the franchise's programming became "edgier" as to apeal to the young adult demographic. 8 different characters will be able to take the lead here, including Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE 13 is also set to include the "Creation Suite" that we've seen in previous games, allowing players to create just about anything related to the sport from scratch (arenas, characters, storylines etc.) and will be utilising "new animations, transitions and modified controls" thanks to the Predator Technology™ 2.0 that WWE 13 is running on.

The WWE 13 release date is the 30th of October, 2012.

Click here to visit the WWE 13 website.

Posted: 30th May 2012 by Jasmine Henry
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