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Xbox LIVE Goldrush Sweepstakes Launched -- 1m Microsoft Points Up for Grabs

Microsoft confirmed today in an official mailing that "The Xbox LIVE Rewards Rush for Gold Sweepstakes" has officially launched and is active on the Xbox LIVE Network.

Gamers wishing to participate in the promotional sweepstakes will need to register for thier chance to win an incredible array of gamer stuff -- starting with a share of the 1,000,000 Microsoft Points that will be awarded during the sweepstakes, and a shot at one of the ten Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle (ARV $449.99 US) that features a spiffy droid-like appearance said to resemble R2D2's thinner more shape-conscious cousin that beeps and makes other droid noises when you power it up and access its slot. In addition to the above Microsoft has added the chance to win one of ten Limited Edition Mass Effect 3 themed Kinect Controller bundles (ARV $149.99 US) in to the sweepstakes, but of course you cannot win if you do not participate...

Many will enter, few will win, but the ones that do win will have done so because they did some of the following:

-- Competed the Sweepstakes Registration Form (for 1 Entry)
-- Purchased a 1-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Subscription (for 1 Entry)
-- Purchased a 3-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Subscription (for 3 Entries)
-- Purchased a 12-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership Subscription (for 12 Entries)
-- Purchased a 12-Month Xbox LIVE Gold Family Membership Subscription (for 16 Entries)
-- Changed their Account Settings to Auto-Renew their Gold Subscription (for 5 Entries)

For more information on the Sweepstakes and for the official rules you will want to hit up the web pages over at the official site -- --

Posted: 20th Apr 2012 by CMBF
Risen 2: Dark Waters, Xbox 360, XBLA,


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