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The Sims 3 Gets Personal with Birthday Wishes and Presents

In an era when most video games release on console, popular PC game series are always a welcome joy -- though most gamers don't expect the company behind their games to care about or remember things like their birthday -- or give them a birthday present for that matter -- but it seems that The Sims 3 is special that way.

Gamers who properly register their copies of The Sims 3 games -- both the main game and the expansions -- should not be surprised then to find an email containing a birthday present from EA on or just after their birthday, since the publisher of The Sims has instituted a Birthday Present Program that delivers a code for The Sims 3 Store that grants the birthday gamer a cute bear in a hat with a present, flowers in a vase, balloons hooked to a gift, and a balloon tree that gamers can add to their Sim Home.

In addition to the Birthday Gift Package (pictured above) lucky birthday gamers also receive a 25% discount on their next Origin game purchase. Sweet!

Posted: 9th Apr 2012 by CMBF
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