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Siena's Flags Removed from GT5 after Controversy

When city officials in Siena, Italy learned that Sony's game studio had included visual depictions of the city flag in Gran Turismo 5's new karting track, Piazza del Campo, the first thing that they did was call their lawyers. Claiming that the use of the flag's image in the game would negatively impact the cultural heritage of the city, Siena initially sought to block sales of the game until the matter could be resolved to its satisfaction.

An unnamed official commented on Eurovision that the flag was the property of the city, and no permission had been sought for its use critics of the move by the Italian city commented that perhaps if Sony paid a cultural heritage licensing free the problem might go away.

Developer Polyphony Digital has a simple solution: remove the flags from the game. That is what they did, so gamers do not have to worry about delays in the release of the game, as are speculated at on popular gaming sites online. There may have been smoke, but there is no fire!

Posted: 13th Sep 2010 by Team SuperCheats
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Well that's stupid. So they used a flag. It's not the end of the world. Get over it.

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