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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Change the Future Trailer

Square Enix have today released a new trailer for their forthcoming game, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The trailer is titled 'Change the Future' and you can see it below.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is due to be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 formats on 31st January 2012.

Posted: 14th Oct 2011 by Team SuperCheats
Final Fantasy XIII-2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3,


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Final Fantasy without the old staff that worked on 1-11 just isnt the same.

I still have to play FFXIII so when I do then I will look at this trailer. Its a shame that people have been so negative about it as I was looking so forward to it.

Glad to see that it is on XBOX too!

balthiersbit | Member | Joined: Nov 16th 2007
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Added 15th Oct 2011, ID #3068844, by balthiersbit
Sometimes things feel better when you've not been there a while - so who knows!

Team SuperCheats | Admin | Joined: Mar 16th 2003
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Added 15th Oct 2011, ID #3068838, by Team SuperCheats
Eh, Paradigm Shifts are back. I want to like this game, but I don't know. Final Fantasy XIII had everything to be great, and it absolutely failed. The universe was incredible, everything was beautiful, and I liked most of the characters, but the gameplay-side of it was, well, terrible. So tedious, so linear - you don't have much to explore and you can pretty much complete the entire game without manually selecting a single attack. The fact that you can't even control the other characters in your Party seriously bothered me.

I think I might go back and give Final Fantasy XIII another chance, just in case. I got to one of the final chapters and never played it again.

Vasco | Member | Joined: Jan 25th 2008
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Added 14th Oct 2011, ID #3068661, by Vasco

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