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Payday: The Heist Scheduled for End of October Release

The highly anticipated PlayStation Network title from Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), Payday: The Heist, will be available for digital download for the PSN and PC systems later this month for $19.99 USD.

This delay is a move to ensure players and fans of our promise and vision to produce high-caliber games that deliver the best quality game experience. Players who pre-ordered Payday: The Heist will receive the game at launch, and those who purchased the four other PSN titles as part of the PlayStation Network PLAY program will also be awarded Payday: The Heist when it launches later this month, according to the terms of that program.

Payday: The Heist is a squad-based, first-person shooter that allows players to take on the role of a hardened career criminal and engage in a number of high-risk heists. Players will rob banks, steal from drug dealers, pocket priceless diamonds, take hostages and hijack cars in a never-ending pursuit for criminal glory. To be successful in any true heist scenario, teamwork is essential to provide crewmembers with a sense of security and protection, and ultimately take home the loot.

Posted: 4th Oct 2011 by Sanzano
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Now I'm glad I bought all of the PSN Play titles. This looks like the Play program's crown jewel. The list looks tough but I'll enjoy every minute of the hunt. I have seen somewhere that there's patch has fixed a few of the little bugs. Must say, fun game, will really enjoy it. Only gripe I have is that unlocking of the weapons seems to be taking for ages. I dont know anybody have unlocked any additional weapons besides a shotgun. Anyway this game sounds like a blast!


JeremyWise | Member | Joined: Oct 18th 2011
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Added 25th Oct 2011, ID #3071184, by JeremyWise
Graphics is good, but not flawless...
Gameplay is worth it

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wanderwand | Member | Joined: Oct 25th 2011
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Added 25th Oct 2011, ID #3071134, by wanderwand

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