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Gran Turismo 5 game features revealed

Gran Turismo 5 features more than 1000 licensed cars from the world’s top manufacturers and more than 20 tracks with more than 70 variations, including famous world circuits, city courses, and other environments. Featuring exciting gameplay and modes to suit newcomers, automotive enthusiasts, and seasoned fans, Gran Turismo 5 raises the bar on the franchise’s depth of content and unparalleled visuals including lifelike graphics that are difficult to distinguish from a live race. Further reflecting this realism, cars will feature real-time visual damage with adaptive and accurate car deformation based on point of impact and velocity. Additionally for the first time, Gran Turismo 5 will feature an extremely deep online and community feature set.

Players can progress and acquire credits through a variety of modes like GT Career Mode, Championship Races, License Tests and more, or they can explore different tracks and circuit variations in Arcade Mode. Additionally, players can race online with up to 16 players through PlayStation Network (PSN). Players can also participate in a robust online system, and transfer vehicles unlocked in Gran Turismo for PSPTM into their garage in
Gran Turismo 5.


· A first for the franchise, vehicles will now show real-time damage and wear that reflect the driver’s treatment of the car. Cars will collect dirt (and can be washed at car washes) and will feature adaptive and accurate body deformation and performance damage based on point of impact and velocity (on select vehicles).

· Additional graphic touchups that add to the realism include smoke from tires, sparks that fly from vehicle rollovers, and dirt accumulation.

· Brand new vehicle physics engine that replaces the engine from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, making the action more realistic than ever.

· PlayStation Eye camera features that add a new level of detail to the game, including face tracking for looking around the interior of vehicles while in the interior dash view.


· More than 1000 licensed cars, including those representing racing organizations from around the globe such as NASCAR, World Rally Championship, Super GT and more.

· More than 20 tracks with more than 70 variations featuring famous world circuits and real-world city locales.

· Arcade mode lets players take in the stunning tracks and environments of Gran Turismo 5 alone or with a friend in split-screen two-player mode.

· The fan-favorite career mode returns with a full world map, licensed car dealerships, tuning and body shops, and car washes. Start your car collection, customize them to your liking, and live the life of a pro racer.

· Compete in franchise mainstays like point-based Championship Race series and hone your skills with License Tests.

· Gran Turismo TV Video gives players access to an online clearinghouse of great motorsport video programming (both HD and SD – all broadcast quality) through PLAYSTATION Network. Users can now export this content to the GT PSP Museum (GT PSP required).


· Photo Mode and Photo Album allows users to capture their greatest GT moments, and share with friends. Players can stage and capture stylish shots from a number of angles and locations.

· Photo Album can be shared online, and the Online Replay Album lets players capture replay video from their favorite races and upload them to YouTube for the world to see.

· Players can create custom soundtracks from music stored on their PS3s to play in-game.


· Online racing evolves in Gran Turismo 5 with robust racing options that are shaping up to deliver the deepest online racing experience available.

· Players can join in on public races featuring up to 16 players at once with text and voice chat, or host private races with lobbies supporting up to 32 players per lobby.


· Players who own Gran Turismo PSP and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue can transfer cars unlocked in that game directly to their garage in Gran Turismo 5 for use in Arcade Mode through special cross-talk interoperability.

· Gran Turismo 5 will feature full PSN Trophy support, making players’ accomplishments that much more satisfying.

Posted: 18th Jun 2010 by Team SuperCheats
Gran Turismo 5,


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I'm not even from the US

sphynxx | Member | Joined: Sep 9th 2007
11320 Posts | 779 Submissions

Added 24th Jun 2010, ID #2860204, by sphynxx
Lol personally I cannot see the appeal of NASCAR.
Your obviously not from the south. LOL

Aeon-Flux | Member | Joined: Feb 24th 2006
13818 Posts | 2978 Submissions

Added 24th Jun 2010, ID #2860169, by Aeon-Flux
Lol personally I cannot see the appeal of NASCAR.

Can anyone really explain the excitement behind watching 2 ton cars go around in circles (well ovals mostly). Or is it the enevitable crashes Coz I don't even understand the IRL when they're oval racing. There's nothing there to keep me entertained lol

so NASCAR side of things Im not too interested in. I am interested in the Rally side of things again. Hopefully we'll be able to take non-WRC cars onto the gravel to have a mess around with. I loved taking the older Buick Turbo around some of the canyon rally routes with full engine & drivetrain mods & no suspension & brake mods just for the sheer stupidity of it

sphynxx | Member | Joined: Sep 9th 2007
11320 Posts | 779 Submissions

Added 23rd Jun 2010, ID #2860118, by sphynxx
I'm excited about the NASCAR side of it.

Aeon-Flux | Member | Joined: Feb 24th 2006
13818 Posts | 2978 Submissions

Added 23rd Jun 2010, ID #2859950, by Aeon-Flux
I wouldn't be so sure on the release date though, its been pushed back & changed soo many times lol A lot of places around here have it down for 2nd of October

sphynxx | Member | Joined: Sep 9th 2007
11320 Posts | 779 Submissions

Added 23rd Jun 2010, ID #2859881, by sphynxx
Ah, this will be amazing!
The release is November 2nd, 2010.

steelersrock01 | Member | Joined: Nov 29th 2006
14872 Posts | 1047 Submissions

Added 19th Jun 2010, ID #2858376, by steelersrock01
For one, being a super Gran Turismo fan, I see this in my future and cannot wait for the release! Thanks for the new Rich.

Aeon-Flux | Member | Joined: Feb 24th 2006
13818 Posts | 2978 Submissions

Added 18th Jun 2010, ID #2857823, by Aeon-Flux

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