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WWE Allstars Demo - UK Release Date

THQ have officially given the UK release date for their forthcoming wrestler-brawler, WWE Allstars.

UK Xbox 360 gamers should note in their diary, the 22nd March, and PS3 players have to wait one extra day only as it will be made available to them on the 23rd March.

The demo will feature The Ultimate Warrior and Rey Mysterio, and if you don't know who we're talking about, read on, plus mroe info on the different class systems in the game.

· Ultimate Warrior is a fierce striker in the ‘Brawler’ class, while Rey Mysterio is a fearless high-flyer from the ‘Acrobat’ class.

· While each class is designed to pick up and play, the Brawler class is very ‘button-mash’ friendly making Ultimate Warrior accessible to casual players. The Acrobat class is more finesse oriented, making Rey Mysterio a great choice for hardcore fighting fans.

· Additionally Ultimate Warrior speaks directly to our lapsed fans, while Rey Mysterio will also resound with current WWE fans. WWE All Stars spans across generations, parents will want to play with their kids!

The demo will feature local 2 player multiplayer, but no online multiplayer. Get in the ring with a friend and have a knock-down drag-out sloberknocker! What are you waiting for brother download that demo! ... Next week

Posted: 14th Mar 2011 by Team SuperCheats
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