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Who Wouldn't Added 26 Jan 2004, ID #4009
From the makers of Baldur's Gate, comes probably the greatest ancient time war simulator

Neverwinter Nights is set in the old times.

The story so far is that the city of Neverwinter has benn hit by a plague, and the city defence cannot help.

The world is relying on a brave warrior to rescue the stolen creatures of Neverwinter so that the can make a cure for all of the pain and suffering.

That brave warrior is you.

This game is based on the dungeons and dragons turn based game rules, and is played through dozens of highly detailed scenes the size o a city.

Such locations as a graveyars, sewers, a spiders den and many more are portrayed here in such detail that it is hard not to get pulled into the story and the graphics.

This isn't enough, players can create their own character based of seven different races and over 10 different skill jobs.

They can also create fight simulators and items for your personalised soldier to aid them in your quest.

A must have for any gamer who has an eye for detail and a heart for magic and the skilled art of fighting. and get
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