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Added 15 Aug 2005, ID #132
This is my very 1st PSP Game and its my only PSP Game. it liked it quite alot the graphics are pretty good and it isn\'t too easy and not too hard its right in the middle which is perfect. For all you people that dont have this Game get it because to me its a 9 1/2 out of 10 and get
Added 27 Jun 2005, ID #85
One of the first racing games for the PSP and it\'s quite good actually.

Graphics: Nice looking cars (even when moded) and clear environments. 9/10
Sound: Good music and car engines plus music videos. 8/10
Gameplay: Basically it is what you expect from NFS. 7/10
Lifespan: Lots and lot of races which take time. 8/10
Overall: Recomended for a person with a PSP and who likes racing games. 8/10
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