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Lambo8413618th Oct 2006, ID #437
Need For Speed has had cops in almost all of their games up until Need For speed Underground came out. Now though, they have launched Need For Speed Most Wanted. This game is about a group of the Mo..

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egglabean1st Nov 2006, ID #448
Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a great racing game for anyone who as liked previous Need For Speed titles or the likes of Juiced, Street Racing Syndicate and Midnight Club etc. It takes you through ..

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LTD Crown Victoria14th Jan 2007, ID #507
Well, this is my very first review, for any game here on Supercheats. (Thunderous applause in background.) NFS Most Wanted. The game before Carbon. Fast. Crazy. Hard sometimes. But still fun. No mat..

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Blacklist12nd Mar 2008, ID #820
Hello. This is Blacklist, the need for speed gamer. I am writing a review for an excellent game in mu opinion. Most Wanted is like other NFS of it's time, but better. It is also the last of the stre..

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fordgtracer14th Oct 2008, ID #965
This is my first review for any game here on supercheats. This is a review for the plastation two game need for speed most wanted. I think that need for speed most wanted is the best need for sp..

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hatershateme24th Feb 2010, ID #1221
This game is a really good racing game. The Introduction is very clear on what you are doing. This game combines racing with a very good story. That shows with the Introduction without getting much ..

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Heat leavels Added 11 Jul 2008, ID #30500 and get
Pretty boring and stressfull Added 26 Jan 2008, ID #29000
Overall Game. Added 27 May 2010, ID #7967
WOW Damn!!!!! Added 8 Mar 2006, ID #5405
When you wake up guliver,and he walks around,talk to him.he tells you what has happend to him.first he has saw a ghost ship(wind waker),second he has been captured from pirates(wind waker),and last he says he fought sea snacks at pinnacle rock(majoras mask),but then he says he really will only make sence if you are a zelda fan.
The best Need for Speed Added 9 Nov 2011, ID #7956
These hidden items are unlocked when you have completed the indicated tasks in the game.

Unlock Concept Art 1 - Jadow Stars:
Complete V-Puzzle 7

Unlock Concept Art 2 - Jadow Villains:
Complete V-Puzzle 8

Unlock Concept Art 3 - Gedow Stars:
Complete V-Puzzle 9

Unlock Concept Art 4 - Gedow Villains:
Complete V-Puzzle 10

Unlock Concept Art 5 - Main Villains:
Complete V-Puzzle 11

Unlock Concept Art 6 - Main Stars:
Complete V-Puzzle 12

Unlock Last Battle Intro Movie:
Complete Les Acteurs Incroyable

Unlock Opening Movie:
Complete Riddle of the Incan Empire!

Unlock Ending Movie:
Complete Les Acteurs Incroyable
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