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ID #1737

I find this game one of the best car games on the PC as there are so many different cars to use like Lotus', Fords, Vauxhalls, Feraris, Lambiginis and Porches.

The choice is amazing and the graphics on the cars are great!

The games reviews I've read are really good and I agree so if you don't already have this game get it! Marks out of 100 are 99.9%!

ID #1736

This is one of the best racing games ,out of the millions there are, on the PC! the graphics are really cool and the overall gameplay is awesome!

The cars in this are really fast like Feraris and cars like that!

My favourite cars are well probably the secret cars that you can download off the web but if I'm not aloud to say that then probably the Porche or the Lotus.

I highly reccomend this game to any gamer who wants to buy a really good game that doesn't take two days to complete! Marks out of 100 98%

ID #1735
Any Need For Speed game is good but I find this one the best.

The graphics on the cars is extremely good for a low priced game and I love the choice of cars, you can use Lotus', Jaguars, Vauxhalls, Feraris, Porches and other really fast and cool cars.

This game is one of my favourite PC games.

I like the idea of having police ,which you get on Porche 2,00 as well, because your racing with these really cool cars and then suddenly this anoyying police comes out in you wing mirror and you have to push the pedal down even more to get away quick.

Overall this game is excellent to buy and play so if you don't have it, here we go again! THEN GET IT!

My overall marks out of ten for this game is definetely 10!

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