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453 Lambo84136 12th Nov 2006 42% Read Review
479 Italian_Exotic93 19th Dec 2006 82% Read Review
503 Slay3rH3ll 11th Jan 2007 74% Read Review
512 cheating101 16th Jan 2007 44% Read Review
555 cyber_john3000 10th Mar 2007 82% Read Review
702 sanjay 29th Aug 2007 100% Read Review
714 LTD Crown Victoria 9th Oct 2007 80% Read Review
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Overall Game for Carbon Added 27 May 2010, ID #7968
This game is the best 11/10 this game also is called indigo prophercy, for some reason it has 2 names but anyway the best action/adventure ever and this game is for you if you like special powers and like really good fighting moves and stuff.

You can be 5 different charchters: lucas Kane (main character),Carla Valenti (dectetive),Tyler Miles (dectetive),Marcus Kane (lucas\'s bro only get to be him once) and you get to be Lucas\'s ex girlfriend once.

The game is about a normal person (lucas kane) commiting a murder that he didnt do because he was being controlled by a wierd force.

The lucas goes and investigates because this is happening to other people they are doin murders and he can see them through his visions and he found out that he has powers that let him do all kind of thing like beat up police, dodge bullets, dodge traffic in wickid style, jump onto helicopters and land on trains and even running on walls!

You can literaly do it all on this game and thats all im saying because if i say anything more i will give the game away! and get
Need for Speed Carbon review Added 23 Dec 2006, ID #24860
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