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ID #2460

During gameplay, press Enter and type any of the following "Codes":

Cheat Code - Effect

SKYWALKER - Win Mission

TARKIN - Destroy All Enemies

FORCEFOOD - +1000 Food

FORCENOVA - +1000 Nova

FORCECARBON - +1000 Carbon

FORCEORE - +1000 Ore




SIMONSAYS - Simon the Killer Ewok

DARKSIDE# - Destroy # (1-8) of Opponents

ID #2459

I think think this game is pretty cool!

Just everyone in the game looks like they do in real life. You can play one-on-one , season mode, franchise mode, and some others. You can create a player with armbands, different shoes, shirts, shorts , faces, and etc. Out of a possible ten for this game I would give it a 9. This is a must for basketball fans everywhere.

ID #2458

Hi there. I have a cheat for Galactic Battlegrounds.

1.press {enter} to bring up chat.

2.type in SCARYNEIGHBOR while the screen is over the water.

3.press {enter} to close chat and complete the code.

You should see a little speed boat unit that has similar stats like Simon the Killer Ewok.

ID #2457

FUN realistic game game play.Great graphics. Cool dunks and instant replays, with acual facial expresions.

ID #2456

Cheat Codes

During gameplay press 'Enter' to display the chat window. The put in of the following codes...

1000 food - forcefood

1000 ore - forceore

1000 carbon - forcecarbon

1000 food - forcefood

1000 nova - forcenova

Complete mission - skywalker

Destroy indicated enemy - darkside[1-8]

Destroy all enemies - tarkin

Full map - forceexplore

Instant construction and research - forcebuild

Killer Ewok - simonsays

Remove fog of war - forcesight

ID #2455

This a cool game. When i first played it i was shocked of the graphics and the create mode. I like their fakeouts, fakeouts,spins,crossovers, and dunks. When i first did my first dunk i jumped out of my couch because of the amzing dunk i did. It was under the leg dunk.You got two make more games like this. I hope NBA Live 2003.

ID #2454

Press the enter key and type in these cheats:

1. Simonsays-you get the best fighter!

2. Scaryneighbor-you get the best water fighter!

ID #2453

Live 2002 is the best basketball game on the ps2, if ur waiting for nba 2k2.

Well i rented it and i thought it would be better than live 2002 well i was wrong nba 2k2 sucks the graphics r horrible the only thing get about it is that u can play a 2on2,3on3,4on4 and 5on5 on an outside court.

There is about 5 of them, I would give nba 2k2 a 6.5/10, live 2002 is so much better i give it a 8.5/10

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