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Is this the best Mortal Kombat?

Simply put yes because you can play regular arcade mode. If you beat arcade mode with a person you get to see a movie. The only problem with the movies is that it's just pictures not actual movement. You get the online mode and new Konquest mode where you get to run around meet some of the charactors you don't get to play as and learn there moves. If you beat Konquest you get a new charactor named Shojinko. So thank you Midway for making this game.


No thumbs

Added 3 Apr 2005, ID #14130, by roadkillers and get
The best fighting game of this 2004!

This game has so much to offer. I give it a 9.2 out of a possible 10. It is a must have. The blood and gore is a little too much, but its cool.

Get the game and enjoy freezing folks, slashing them with swords, making them slip up in vomit, or telling them to come here.

Fans of the series and genre will adore this one.


No thumbs

Added 3 Jan 2005, ID #12348, by froggypimper
The best Mortal Kombat yet!

This game is the best Mortal Kombat because you get to play chess Kombat style. You get to play puzzles, original kombat, and online play.

sound: 8.5
graphics: 9.0
control: 7.5
value: 5.5
overall: 7.0


No thumbs

Added 26 Nov 2004, ID #11779, by roadkillers
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