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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Guide


The Master List of Items

The process of creating new Versions of the game on new platforms begins with creating as simple and functional a version as possible, and then slowly adding new features to it in an established expansion plan that has traditionally been used for all of the previous versions, and the Pocket Edition is no exception to this rule.

The following Master Items List was created to present the complete list of objects in the game -- with the first half being focused upon user-created (crafted) objects, and the second half being "found" items and objects naturally occurring in the world and which you will use to create other objects.

It is the case with some crafted items and objects that they can also be "found" items or objects - for example Arrows, Bones, and Feathers can be found on the ground at each sunrise where a light-sensitive mob was made to disintegrate, leaving behind those possessions that are not light-sensitive.

Also note that the item/object called "String" and the item/object called Spider Silk are the same item/object.

Part I: Crafted and Utility Items

Objects Build Menu Items

The following list of items are crafted using the Crafting Table, via its Objects Menu.

  • Bed (x3 Wooden Boards + x3 Wool) Creates x1 Bed
  • Birch Planks (x1 Birch Block) Creates x4 Birch Planks
  • Birch Stairs (x6 Birch Planks) Creates x4 Birch Stairs
  • Birch Wooden Slab (x3 Birch Planks) x6 Birch Wooden Slab
  • Chest (x8 Wooden Boards) Creates x1 Chest.
  • Clay (x4 Clay Balls) Creates x1 Clay Block
  • Crafting Table (x4 Wooden Boards) Creates x1 Crafting Table.
  • Fence (x6 Sticks) Creates x3 Fence Units.
  • Fence Gate (x2 Wooden Boards + x4 Sticks) Creates x1 Wooden Gate.
  • Furnace (x8 Cobblestone) Creates x1 Furnace.
  • Glass Pane (x6 Glass Blocks) Creates x1 Glass Pane
  • Glowstone (x4 Glowstone Dust) Creates x1 Glowstone Block.
  • Jack O' Lantern (x1 Torch + x1 Pumpkin) Creates x1 Jack O'Lantern
  • Ladder (x7 Sticks) Creates x1 Ladder.
  • Nether Reactor Core (x3 Diamond + x6 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Nether Reactor
  • Oak Planks (x1 Oak Block) Creates x4 Oak Planks
  • Oak Stairs (x6 Wooden Boards) Creates x4 Oak Stairs.
  • Oak Wooden Slab (x3 Wooden Boards) Creates x6 Oak Wooden Slabs.
  • Snow Block (x4 Snow Balls) Creates x1 Snow Block
  • Spruce Planks (x1 Spruce Block) Creates x4 Spruce Planks
  • Spruce Stairs (x6 Spruce Planks) Creates x4 Spruce Stairs
  • Spruce Wooden Slab (x3 Spruce Planks) Creates x6 Spruce Wooden Slabs
  • Stick (x2 Wooden Boards) Creates x4 Sticks.
  • Stonecutter (x4 Cobblestone) Creates x1 Stonecutter.
  • Trapdoor (x6 Wooden Boards) Creates x2 Trapdoors
  • Wooden Door (x6 Wooden Boards) Creates x1 Wooden Door

Dyed Wool Crafting

  • Black Wool Block (x1 Wool Block + x1 Ink Sac) Creates x1 Black Wool Block
  • Blue Light Wool Block (x1 Wool Block / x1 Light Blue Dye) Creates x1 Blue Light Wool Block
  • Blue Wool Block (x1 Wool Block / x1 Lapis Lazuli) Creates x1 Blue Wool Block
  • Brown Wool Block (x1 Wool Block + x1 Cocoa Beans) Creates x1 Brown Wool Block
  • Cyan Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Cyan Dye) Creates x1 Cyan Wool Block
  • Gray Wool Block (x1 Wool Block + x1 Gray Dye) Creates x1 Gray Wool Block
  • Green Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Cactus Piece) Creates x1 Green Wool Block
  • Light Gray Wool Block (x1 Wool Block + x1 Light Gray Dye) Creates x1 Light Gray Wool Block
  • Lime Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Lime Dye) Creates x1 Lime Wool Block
  • Magenta Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Magenta Dye) Creates x1 Magenta Wool Block
  • Orange Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Orange Dye) Creates x1 Orange Wool Block
  • Pink Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Pink Dye) Creates x1 Pink Wool Block
  • Purple Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Purple Dye) Creates x1 Purple Wool Block
  • Red Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Red Dye) Creates x1 Red Wool Block
  • Wool Block (Plain White Sheared Wool + Light Gray Dye) Creates x1 Wool Block
  • Wool Block (x4 String) Creates x1 Wool Block
  • Yellow Wool Block (x1 Wool / x1 Yellow Dye) Creates x1 Yellow Wool Block

Tools Menu Items

The following list of items are crafted using the Crafting Table, via its Tools Menu.

  • Arrows (x1 Stick + x1 Feather + x1 Flint) Creates x4 Units.
  • Bow (x3 Stick + x3 String) Creates x1 Units.
  • Bucket (x3 Iron Ingot) Creates x1 Units.
  • Clock (x4 Gold Ingots + x1 Redstone Powder) Creates x1 Units.
  • Compass (x4 Iron Ingots + x1 Redstone Powder) Creates x1 Units.
  • Diamond Axe (x3 Diamond + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Diamond Hoe (x2 Diamond + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Diamond Pickaxe (x3 Diamond + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Diamond Shovel (x1 Diamond + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Diamond Sword (x2 Diamond + x1 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Flint and Steel (x1 Iron Ingot + x1 Flint) Creates x1 Units.
  • Golden Axe (x3 Gold Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Golden Hoe (x2 Gold Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Golden Pickaxe (x3 Gold Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Golden Shovel (x1 Gold Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Golden Sword (x2 Gold Ingot + x1 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Iron Axe (x3 Iron Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Iron Hoe (x2 Iron Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Iron Pickaxe (x3 Iron Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Iron Shovel (x1 Iron Ingot + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Iron Sword (x2 Iron Ingot + x1 Stick) Creates x1Units.
  • Minecart (x5 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Units
  • Powered Rail (x6 Gold Ingots + x2 Wooden Sticks + x1 Redstone Dust) Creates x6 Units
  • Rail (x6 Iron Ingots + x2 Wooden Sticks) Creates x16 Units.
  • Shears (x2 Iron Ingot) Creates x1 Units.
  • Stone Axe (x3 Cobblestone + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Stone Hoe (x2 Cobblestone + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Stone Pickaxe (x3 Cobblestone + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Stone Shovel (x1 Cobblestone + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Stone Sword (x2 Cobblestone + x1 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • TNT (x4 Sand + x5 Gunpowder) Creates x1 Units.
  • Torch (x1 Charcoal + x1 Stick) Creates x4 Units.
  • Torch (x1 Coal + x1 Stick) Creates x4 Units.
  • Wooden Axe (x3 Wooden Boards + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Wooden Hoe (x2 Wooden Boards + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Wooden Pickaxe (x3 Wooden Boards + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Wooden Shovel (x1 Wooden Boards + x2 Stick) Creates x1 Units.
  • Wooden Sword (x2 Wooden Boards + x1 Stick) Creates x1 Units.

Food and Armor Menu Items

The following list of items are crafted using the Crafting Table, via its Food and Armor Menu.

  • Beetroot Soup (x1 Bowl + x4 Beets) Creates x1 Units.
  • Bowl (x3 Wooden Boards) Creates x4 Unit.
  • Bread (x3 Wheat) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Cake (x3 Wheat + x3 Milk Buckets + x1 Egg + x2 Sugar) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Diamond Boots (x4 Diamond) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Diamond Chestplate (x8 Diamond) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Diamond Helmet (x5 Diamond) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Diamond Leggings (x7 Diamond) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Golden Boots (x4 Gold Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Golden Chestplate (x8 Gold Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Golden Helmet (x5 Gold Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Golden Leggings (x7 Gold Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Iron Boots (x4 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Iron Chestplate (x8 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Iron Helmet (x5 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Iron Leggings (x7 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Leather Boots (x4 Leather) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Leather Cap (x5 Leather) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Leather Pants (x7 Leather) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Leather Tunic (x8 Leather) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Melon (x9 Melon Slices) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Melon Seeds (x1 Melon Slice) Creates xX Unit.
  • Mushroom Stew (x1 Brown Mushroom + x1 Red Mushroom + x1 Wooden Bowl) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Pumpkin Pie (x1 Pumpkin + x1 Egg + x1 Sugar) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Pumpkin Seeds (x1 Pumpkin) Creates x4 Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sugar (x1 Sugar Cane) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Wheat (x1 Bale of Hay) Creates 9 Units.

Decorations & Misc Menu Items

The following list of items are crafted using the Crafting Table, via its Decorations & Misc Menu.

  • Block of Coal (x9 Coal) Creates x1 Unit
  • Block of Diamond (x9 Diamond) Creates x1 Unit
  • Block of Gold (x9 Gold Ingots) Creates x1 Unit
  • Block of Iron (x9 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Unit
  • Book (x3 Paper) Creates x1 Unit
  • Bookshelf (x6 Wooden Boards / x3 Books) Creates x1 Unit
  • Carpet (x2 Wool Blocks - Any Color) Creates 1 Unit.
  • Coal (x1 Coal Block) Creates 9 Units.
  • Diamond (x1 Diamond Block) Creates 9 Units.
  • Gold Ingot (x1 Gold Block) Creates 9 Units.
  • Hay Bale (x9 Wheat) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Iron Bars (x6 Iron Ingots) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Iron Ingot (x1 Iron Block) Creates 9 Units.
  • Lapis Lazuli Block (x9 Lapis Lazuli) Creates 1 Unit.
  • Painting (x1 Wool + x8 Sticks) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Paper (x3 Sugar Cane) Creates x3 Units
  • Sign (x6 Wooden Boards / x1 Stick) Creates x1 Unit


  • Bone Meal (x1 Bone) Creates x3 Units.
  • Cocoa Beans (x1 Ink Sac + x1 Orange Dye) Create x1 Unit
  • Cocoa Beans (x1 Ink Sac + x1 Dandelion Dye + Rose Red) Create x1 Unit
  • Cyan Dye (x1 Cactus / x1 Lapis) Create x1 Unit
  • Dandelion Yellow (x1 Yellow Flower) Create x1 Unit
  • Gray Dye (x1 Ink Sac + x1 Bone Meal) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Lapis Lazuli ((x1 Lapis Block) Create x9 Units.
  • Light Blue Dye (x1 Lapis + x1 Bone Meal) Create x1 Unit
  • Light Gray Dye (x1 Gray Dye + x1 Bone Meal) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Light Gray Dye (x1 Ink Sac + x2 Bone Meal) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Lime Dye (x1 Cactus + x1 Bone Meal) Create x1 Unit
  • Magenta Dye (x1 Purple Dye + x1 Pink Dye) Create x1 Unit
  • Magenta Dye (x1 Rose Red + x1 Lapis + x1 Pink Dye) Create x1 Unit
  • Magenta Dye (x2 Rose Red + x1 Lapis + x1 Bone Meal) Create x1 Unit
  • Orange Dye (x1 Rose Red + x1 Dandelion Yellow) Create x1 Unit
  • Pink Dye (x1 Rose Red + x1 Bone Meal) Create x1 Unit
  • Purple Dye (x1 Rose Red + x1 Lapis) Create x1 Unit
  • Rose Red Dye (x1 Beet) Create x1 Unit.

Furnace Menu Items

The following items / objects are crafted using the Furnace. Note that unlike the other Crafting stations the Furnace does not include a list-type menu of the objects or items that can be crafted using it.

Note that you CAN use your furnace not only to convert Wood Blocks to Coal, but you can also convert Coal to Charcoal or Charcoal to Coal by placing either one into any slot then adding in the other!

Resource Furnace Recipes

  • Brick (x1 Clay Ball) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Cactus Green Dye (x1 Cactus Block) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Charcoal (x1 Wood Block - any type) Creates x1 Unit
  • Charcoal (x1 Coal) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Coal (x1 Charcoal) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Glass Blocks (x1 Sand) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Gold Ingot (x1 Gold Ore) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Iron Ingot (x1 Iron Ore) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Nether Brick (x1 Netherrack) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Stone Block (x1 Cobblestone Block) Creates x1 Unit.

Food Furnace Recipes

  • Baked Potato (x1 Potato + x1 Heat Source) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Cooked Chicken (x1 Raw Chicken) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Cooked Porkchop (x1 Raw Porkchop) Created x1 Unit.
  • Steak (x1 Raw Beef) Creates x1 Units.

Stonecutter Menu Items

The following list of items are crafted using the Stonecutter, via its Menu.

  • Block of Quartz (x4 Quartz) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Brick Stairs (x6 Brick Blocks) Creates x4 Units.
  • Bricks Block (x4 Bricks) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Bricks Slab (x2 Brick Blocks) Creates x6 Units.
  • Chiseled Quartz Block (x2 Quartz Slabs) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Cobblestone Slab (x3 Cobblestone Blocks) Creates x6 Units.
  • Cobblestone Wall (x6 Cobblestone Blocks) Creates x6 Unis.
  • Nether Brick (x4 Nether Brick) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Nether Brick Stairs (x6 Nether Blocks) Creates x4 Unit.
  • Pillar Quartz Block (x2 Quartz Blocks) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Quartz Slab (x3 Quartz Blocks) Creates x6 Units.
  • Sand Stone Stairs (x6 Sandstone) Creates x4 Units.
  • Sandstone Block (x4 Sand Blocks) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Sandstone Block (x4 Sandstone) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Sandstone (x2 Sandstone Slabs) Creates x1 Unit.
  • Sandstone Slab (x3 Sandstone Blocks) Creates x6 Units.
  • Stone Brick Stairs (x6 Stone Blocks) Creates x4 Units.
  • Stone Bricks (x4 Cobblestone) Creates x4 Units.
  • Stone Bricks Slab (x3 Stone Blocks) Creates x6 Units.
  • Stone Slab (x3 Cobblestone) Creates x6 Units.

Part II -- "Found" Items and Objects

The following objects and items make up the second group of "found" items and objects as they are not crafted items or objects. A "found" item/object can be used in Crafting as a resource but it does not automatically have that status.

To make this more useful the objects are broken up by type...

Blocks and Material

Naturally occurring objects that tend to take block form (but then almost everything in the game does) and that usually serve multiple functions as environmental objects and recourse sources.

  • Bedrock
    The blocks found at the very bottom of the world, in addition to letting you know you have reached the botom of the world it is also a completely indestructible object that cannot be broken or destroyed.
  • Bedrock (Invisible)
    A special type of bedrock block that exists on the edges of the world to keep you from moving past it but is invisible so you can still see the sky.
  • Coal Block
    Used as a means of storing large amounts of Coal, this compact form is created by Crafting 9 lumps of coal into a block. It is also one of the most efficient sources of fuel for smelting, because if you use the 9 lumps of coal separately they will smelt a total of 72 items (a lump of Coal will smelt 8 items) using the block form you can smelt 80 items.
  • Clay
    A deposit found in nature near water sources, when it is mined Clay breaks down into Clay Balls, which can then be used for making Bricks.
  • Clay Ball
    Obtained from Clay deposits, this object can be smelted to make clay Bricks.
  • Clay Block
    Created by Crafting 4 Clay Balls, when it is placed in the Furnace and smelted it creates a Hardened Clay Block, which can then by colored using dyes for use in decorating your home.
  • Coal Ore
    Encountered in stone deposits at every level of the world, Coal Ore has a distinct appearance as it is rick spotted with coal. Breaking up the ore will result in obtaining a random number of Coal Lumps.
  • Cobblestone
    The basic building block that is acquired by using a pickaxe on stone. Cobblestone can be smelted to turn it back into Stone Blocks, which are harder than Cobblestone and better resist the force of a Creeper exploding.
  • Dead Bush
    Strictly a decoration item in the game, these can be found "growing" in sandy areas and can be collected by using shears on them -- like flowers they can be used to decorate your yard / house.
  • Diamond
    Obtained by Mining Diamond Ore with an Iron Pickaxe (or above) this is considered to be the most valuable resource in the game largely due to its use in creating the most durable tools and weapons, as well as the strongest armor.
  • Diamond Block
    Created by Crafting 9 Diamonds, Diamond Blocks are said to be one of the most efficient methods for storing large amounts of Diamonds - though really we should be so lucky as to have so many Diamonds that we need to be able to store large amounts! They also make seriously bling decorating objects you might want to use for walls in your home if MTV's Cribs comes calling.
  • Diamond Ore
    Encountered at lower levels in the world Diamond Ore is, naturally, where you get Diamonds from! A lot of time will be spent looking for it, but be sure you have an Iron Pick or better when you try to mine it as otherwise you will destroy the block and not obtain any Diamonds.
  • Dirt Block
    Probably the most common object in the game, Dirt Blocks also happen to be among the most important because without them we could not obtain seeds, grow things, or have a nice green grass lawn. Just saying.
  • Glowstone Block
    In the other Versions of the game these are found in the Nether Region, but as there is no Nether in PE they are obtained by Crafting Glowstone Dust, which is obtained from the Nether Generator. A source of light in the game, Glowstone Blocks are often used as a more fashionable light source rather than Torches.
  • Glowstone Dust
    Obtained from the Nether Reactor, 4 Glowstone Dust can be used to craft a single Glowstone Block, but care should be taken in converting Blocks back into Dust due to the fact that there is a slight loss in the process, as a broken Block never produces sufficient quantity of Dust to craft another Block.
  • Gold Blocks
    Encountered in the bottom 32 layers of the world, Gold Blocks can be mined using an Iron Pick or better to obtain Gold Ore.
  • Gold Ore
    Encountered in the depths of the world throughout the bottom 32 layers, it is one of the more valuable resources in the game, Mining Gold Blocks with an Iron Pickaxe or better will obtain a random number of Gold Ore (usually 6 to 8) and smelting the ore in a Furnace will obtain Gold Ingots, which are a basic Crafting ingredient for a wide array of objects in the game.
  • Grass Block
    This is a Dirt Block that has Grass growing on top of it. Especially valuable as a source for seeds, they also make your lawn look nice.
  • Gravel
    The only source for Flint, which is obtained by Mining Gravel. While it is not a good building material due to its unstable nature, it is useful for making walking paths and decoration, for gardening, and can be stockpiled for later processing to create Flints for other Crafting.
  • Ice Block
    Found in bodies of water in cold climates, so far there is no known Crafting use for the block and it cannot be harvested intact.
  • Iron Ore
    Smelted to make Iron Ingots, which are a core material and resourced for Crafting in every version of the game, while it is not as difficult to find as Diamonds, I would not exactly describe it as easy to find either.
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore
    Found underground, Lapis Ore is very easy to spot as it is peppered with the blue stone. Used mostly for making dyes, when turned into blocks it makes a nice floor tiling material.
  • Lava
    One of the more difficult to find substances, when you do locate a Lava source block it can be stored in a Bucket and used as a heat source or fuel, as well as for building devices that require one.
  • Moss Stone
    A type of Cobblestone with Moss growing on it, these are anecdotally useful in that when placed the moss always points in the same direction -- north.
  • Mossy Cobblestone Wall
    A wall made from Moss Stone.
  • Netherrack
    The uber-rare resource obtained from the Neterrack Reactor. Used for special Crafting.
  • Obsidian
    Used as a building material because of its very high resistance to explosive damage, it is the second toughest material in the game. It is also used for constructing Nether Portals and Enchantment Tables in most Versions of the game. It is created when Water touches a Lava Source Block. Mining Obsidian requires a Diamond Pick.

    The most common source for Obsidian in PE is by Mining it after the Nether Reactor shuts down, as a bunch of it forms around it after that point.
  • Obsidian, Glowing
    In PE when a Netherreactor is spawned the gold and obsidian from its construction turns into this.
  • Quartz Block
    Crafted from Nether Quartz, these blocks are used for decoration.
  • Quartz Slab
    A decorative object crafted from Quartz Blocks.
  • Quartz Stairs
    Crafted from Quartz Blocks.
  • Redstone Ore
    Mined in the lower levels of the world, this is the source for Redstone Dust, which is used for creating devices and powered crafted objects in the game.
  • Sand
    An abundant resource often found near water or in desert, Sand is used to make Glass and when combined, Sandstone.
  • Sandstone Block
    AAn attractive decorative object crafted from Sand.
  • Snow
    Found on the ground and on Ice, it can be collected to make Snowballs.
  • Stone Block
    The basic material from which Cobblestone is obtained via Mining with Picks of all types.
  • Tall Grass
    While it grows naturally you can use Bonemeal on Grass Blocks to grow it. It is also a reliable source for seeds.
  • Water
    A common resource in the game, it is useful for growing plants, swimming, and mixing with Whiskey. Well, OK the first two in the game not the third.

    Obtaining a Water Source Block in a Bucket is very useful since it will flood an area, and Water will destroy Tall Grass and other plants, which means you can use it to harvest Seeds over a large field by placing the Source Block, letting it flood then putting the Source Block back in the Bucket.

Organic Object

While many of these are food items (or can be made into food items) the thing that groups them together is that they are all organic objects. Well, that is sufficient for our purposes, which is to make the sorting a bit easier on the mind for grouping.

  • Apple
    Obtained from Mining Tree Leave Blocks, this is a rare result -- Saplings in comparison are much more common.
  • Beetroot
    In addition to being the common ingredient in Rose Red Dye, it is also the primary ingredient in Beetroot Soup.
  • Beetroot Seeds
    The Seeds used to grow Beetroot are obtained in exactly the same way as Wheat Seeds - from grass.
  • Bone
    Found on the ground after Mobs die in the morning and looted, Bone is a valuable resource because it can be crafted into Bonemeal.
  • Cacti
    Obtained by breaking up Cactus, this is used in creating green dye.
  • Carrot
    Obtained as a rare drop from Mobs - you are most likely to encounter it laying on the ground in the morning. It can be planted to grow more of the same.
  • Cyan Flower
    Encountered growing in the wild, they can be harvested and replanted as a home decoration.
  • Egg
    Laid by Chickens, they are a Crafting ingredient for certain food items as well as the mechanism through which baby Chickens are obtained.
  • Fern
    A plant that is found in the overland.
  • Birch Tree
    With its distinctive White Bark and lighter shade of wood, this is less common than Oak in the Overland.
  • Melon
    Found in Jungle Biomes, as loot and grown from Seeds found in Dungeons and Mineshafts, Melons are a good food source.
  • Melon Seeds
    Created by Crafting Melon Slices. These are used to grow more Melons!
  • Mushroom, Brown
    Found in areas with light level of 12 or below, Mushrooms are never encountered in direct sunlight in the Overland. Brown are the more common type.
  • Mushroom, Red
    Found in areas with light level of 12 or below, Mushrooms are never encountered in direct sunlight in the Overland. Red are the rarer type.
  • Oak Tree
    Oak Trees are a more common type, and produce Oak as well as Oak Tree Saplings. They have dark brown bark and produce a pleasing brown wood.
  • Potato
    Obtained as a rare drop from Mobs - you are most likely to encounter it laying on the ground in the morning. It can be planted to grow more of the same.
  • Pumpkin
    A vine-grown plant (more than one can result from a single vine), Pumpkins had fairly limited value and use until the addition of Pumpkin Pie to the game.
  • Pumpkin Seeds
    Obtained by Crafting Pumpkins.
  • Spruce Tree
    More common than Oak, they are also a source for wood.
  • Wheat
    Seeds for Wheat are obtained by using a How on Grass, and when grown fully (when the plant turns brown) they are harvested and used to make Bread.
  • Yellow Flower
    Encountered growing in the wild, they can be harvested and replanted as a home decoration.

Resource Objects (Requiring Action)

The heading for this group is a bit misleading because some objects apply in the strictest sense of the definition and some do not. For example while feathers are a found object (dropped when Mobs disintegrate) they are also obtained by killing Chickens. Leaves are on trees but are also obtained by harvesting them from trees as are saplings which grow into trees. I make no excuses for this, it is what it is.

  • Feather
    Obtained wither as loot on the ground in the morning after Mobs die, or by killing Chickens, the most common use for Feathers is for making arrows - the ammunition used by Bows.
  • Flint
    Used for making arrows and for making the Flint & Steel Tool, these are obtained by Mining Gravel.
  • Gunpowder
    Obtained as loot drops from Creepers you kill - and the reason why a failed encounter with a Creeper is so explosive! This is used in Crafting TNT.
  • Leaves
    Obtained from Trees using Sheers, these are a decorative item (so far).
  • Raw Beef
    Obtained from killing Cows, it can be broiled in the Furnace to make Steaks.
  • Raw Chicken
    Obtained from killing Chickens, it can be broiled in the Furnace to make Cooked Chicken.
  • Raw Porkchop
    Obtained from killing Pigs, it can be broiled in the Furnace for making Cooked Pork.
  • Sapling (All Types)
    Obtained by Mining tree leaves, these are used to grow more trees of the type it is obtained from.
  • String
    Obtained by killing Spiders, it can be woven into Wool or used to make Bows.
  • Sugar Cane
    Obtained from river and lake banks, it is used for making Sugar and Paper.
  • Wool (All Colors)
    This naturally occurs in a variety of colors and shades in Sheep - and can be obtained either using Shears (which allows you to harvest it from Sheep more than once) or by killing the Sheep (which does not).

Special Objects

This class is small - but I expect it to get bigger -- but for now it holds only the two objects that are found in dungeons -- perhaps the single most sought-after thing in the game thanks to being the only place that dungeon chests (and therefore saddles) can be found. Why is that important? Well because you cannot ride a pig without a saddle of course!

A dungeon by the way really is what the naturally-occurring caverns full of Mobs (and with luck a chest) are actually called in the game.

  • Chest (Dungeon)
    Treasure is found in these - included the very rare Saddle that is required for riding Pigs - but they are notoriously difficult to find because they are very very rare.
  • Saddle
    Used for riding Pigs. And only for riding Pigs.

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Dec 1st 2015 ThePokefreak382
He's not the owner of the game, my dear friend
ID #630142
Jun 19th 2015 Guest
You find it in the jungle it is just laying on the ground everywhere lol
ID #572493
Jun 7th 2015 Guest
ID #567116
May 29th 2015 Guest
I found a wolf but couldn't find my house so I decided I will kill my self but when I killed my self I lost my dogs well wolves why didn't they teleport to me
ID #562734
May 16th 2015 Guest
what is the rare block in pe
ID #556940
May 5th 2015 Guest
hi, um, i was on a server once and they had Blue glowing obsidian, like the regular kind, except its glowing, does anyone know what that is?
ID #552150
Mar 30th 2015 Guest
How to you make a saddle?
ID #535241
Mar 28th 2015 Guest
How do I find my house I lost it....
ID #534071
Dec 1st 2015 ThePokefreak382
Create a compass if you have Four Iron Ingots and one Redstone Powder on a Crafting Table. Then, head towards the direction where the Red Needle point. Hope this helps (Only for MCPE version which have the Compass and Clock and everything)
ID #630146
Dec 1st 2015 ThePokefreak382
Points** versions**
ID #630148
Aug 9th 2015 Guest
What I do is get a lot of dirt , stone or what ever I have the most of then I make something like a ball that I can see from afar and when I can barely see it build another one and so on and if that doesn't work make a bed in your house sleep in it one night and go exploring with torches place one every10 blocks to light your way back kind of like bread crumbs well hppe tj at helps
ID #595997
Mar 17th 2015 Nonooke
Why doesn't my portal work, am I doing something wrong or does it not work on pocket edition.???
ID #529573
May 11th 2015 Guest
Doesn't work on PE
ID #554771
Feb 12th 2016 Guest
It works on PE. I make few nether portals
ID #634763
Feb 9th 2016 Guest
it works for me what version do you have?
ID #634122
May 6th 2015 Guest
It's not yet in PE, maybe next update though.

Hope I helped
ID #552685
Feb 23rd 2015 Guest
Flint and steel
ID #520414
May 17th 2015 Guest
1 flint 1 iron
ID #557153
Feb 22nd 2015 Guest
In creative why is there ender stone
ID #519940
May 11th 2015 Guest
Just so you can be creative!
ID #555066
Feb 18th 2015 Guest
thank you for telling me how to make every think.guess what I made a saddle.
ID #517638
Jun 4th 2015 Guest
Wow thats grate[color=blue][/color] [size=12][/size] [img][/img]
ID #565741
Jan 30th 2015 Guest
pocket additon hahahah spelling dude
ID #509160
Jan 11th 2015 Guest
This website is useful.
ID #499662
Jan 11th 2015 CMBF
True that.
ID #499612
Jan 9th 2015 Guest
A diamond seed is diamond seed
ID #498551
Dec 15th 2014 CMBF
Thanks for sharing?
ID #485294
Dec 7th 2014 Guest
Why am I reading this thread if I play PC edition AND Pocket edition at the same time?
Q.A. Answers -
1.There is an enchanting table mod ONLY FOR ANDROID DEVICES - check out AceCraftGaming's(PE Youtuber) channel and search for enchanting mod!
2.Ore is spread evenly throughout the minecraft PE infinite world. (yes, if u update pe there r infinite worlds)
3.redstone is also spread around world but, but like diamond it only spawns in lower layers around bedrock (dark unbreakable stuff when u get to the lowest possible level.) redstone is So useful in PC to make Automated farms and piston walk-thru doors with logic gates and BUD's and all that(check out Mumbo Jumbo on youtube hes pretty good with redstone)
it's >almost useless but not completely cuz you can make minecart powered rails, clocks and compasses.
3. nope, thats all supercheats can fit into a comment. C Ya everyone MCHadolus signing out!!
ID #481935
Nov 25th 2014 Guest
I can make a map?
ID #476384
Apr 5th 2014 Guest
can you make a mod that is able like entcanting table i really want that thing

ID #371800
Dec 25th 2013 Guest
What is that coal with the little white specks, i mean, it makes the same torch, or is it different?
ID #333910
Dec 15th 2013 Guest
What does the carrot do?
ID #329527
Nov 8th 2013 Guest
To eat food u will need to hold down on your screen just above the area of the food is!!! (Easy-Peasy)
ID #318460
Nov 5th 2013 Guest
How do I eat food
ID #318078
Nov 1st 2013 Guest
How do I get diamonds, lapis lazuili, netherack, etc.
ID #317416
Sep 29th 2013 Guest
How do I spawn blocks?
ID #311749
Sep 28th 2013 Guest
Boat ???
ID #311547
Aug 20th 2013 Guest
does anyone know where i can find dirt?
ID #305857
Aug 5th 2013 Guest
how to get a pink sheep ive seen one before
ID #302809
Jul 20th 2013 Guest
Mushrooms only grow in shady places.
ID #298818
Jun 23rd 2013 Guest
How do you get quartz
ID #292395
Jun 19th 2013 Guest
Were is the best place to find red mushrooms.
ID #291262
Jun 12th 2013 Guest
Wool dye is in the last category of stuff. Blue dye is lapis lazuli. Red dye comes from smelting red mushrooms in a furnace.. Yellow dye comes from crafting yellow flowers, green dye comes from smelting a cactus, and white dye is bone meal, which comes from crafting a bone.
ID #289747
Jun 3rd 2013 Guest
you can get melon by following a pattern that you can find on youtube by searching "how to get to the nether world in minecraft PE" and when you get that pattern of blocks, stuff comes out of it (including pigzombiemen) and some of that stuff is watermelon seeds
ID #287587
May 20th 2013 Guest
Where do I find lapis lazuli ore? I dug all the way until my pick axes ran out and I still can't find any.
ID #284025
May 3rd 2013 kazgirl
Can you please tell me how to make the colours to dye the wool? I can make yellow from the flowers but that is all .. Where do you find the dyes???
ID #279768
Apr 27th 2013 Guest
How do I kill an animal on Survival Mode?
ID #278144
Apr 19th 2013 Guest
U have 2 of lost hearts. Then just go 2 the food and tap and hold.
ID #275725
Apr 2nd 2013 Dcdannyclarke
TNT can only be blown up on survival. This is done by tapping it once with flint & steel.
ID #269697
Apr 2nd 2013 Dcdannyclarke
Melon seeds are only obtainable from a nether reactor. When you have some melon seeds they can be planted on any ploughed soil just like with wheat. Note that the plant will spawn 4 melon blocks adjacent to it
ID #269696
Aug 15th 2015 Guest
thats to true at all
ID #598567
Mar 29th 2013 Guest
How do you explode TNT???
ID #268418
Mar 15th 2013 Guest
I need melon, too! :(
ID #263940
Mar 11th 2013 Guest
How do u get melon in iPod pocket addition? Please tell me soon!! I NEED MELON!!!!! :(
ID #262860
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