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Metroid Prime Pack Shot

Metroid Prime

Game Reviews for Metroid Prime


Quick Reviews

Metroid Prime's ups and downs Added 6 Jun 2011, ID #9292
Metroid Prime is the first in a trilogy of games in the Metroid Prime series(the second being Echos and the third Corruption). The story starts as always. Samus gets a distress signal. It comes from a Space Pirate Frigate above the planet Tallon IV. When she gets there she sees that space pirates are experimenting on Phazon, a powerful and deathly chemical. Samus spots her long standing enemy, Ridley destroying the frigate. She flies to the planet below after losing most of her suit's power-ups, destroying the frigate, and to chase Ridley down. She soon finds out the Space Pirates have gone far along with their research with Phazon, and could dominate the universe easily now. This game has a lot of new features. The fact of being able to scan things is introduced. Also 3D maps are new features in the game. Metroid Prime's storyline is everlasting. When you beat the final boss, Metroid Prime, the game can end in different ways depending on how many things you scan. The credits roll and if you restart the game, you will be at your last save point. But the controls take a little while to figure out and a small part of the storyline is predictable. All in all the game deserves a 9 out of 10.
fun game! Added 1 Mar 2008, ID #8274
This game is very very fun to is very challenging. Graphics 10/10.gameplay 10/10.difficulty 10/10.lastability 10/10
Added 29 Feb 2008, ID #8272
This game is very fun for people who like adventure games.i would give it a 1,000,000/1,000,000.
Added 12 Jul 2005, ID #4230
this game is stunning in the graphics and the game play but it is a pretty hard game but very addicting and you might not stop playing it untill you beat this game or until you get stuck in a situation that you cant get out of
Great Game! Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #2342
This game is freaky and difficult. The graphis are pretty good and adventure is pretty long. Overall this game is great for Metroid fans. 7/10
Brilliant. Added 31 May 2004, ID #1997
Metroid prime was passed over from the original seuper nintendo series of the shooter.

The first one was a very good game and they have improved it even more, it is a brilliant game a must have to your collection.

graphics:******** 8/10

sound:******* 7/10

gameplay:******** 8/10

lifespan:******** 8/10

value:********* 9/10.

All together a 90% (luckily a very good game and close to one of the best gamecube games yet).
Reveiw Added 13 May 2004, ID #1941
Graphics 10/10 brilliant graphics!
Great imagination 10/10.
controlls 8/10 great controlls but hard for starters though.
difficulty 7/10 a bit hard for others though.
good price at 15.00
colours 10/10 great coulors especialy for younger people.
action 10/10 great action
not good for people who dont like bright colours.
I give it a 45%/45%.

So an exellent game you should buy it, its still good if you rent it.

It's one of those games that if you die you dont mind because you enjoy it so much.
Good and long game Added 6 May 2004, ID #1918
This game is very good and is a gamecube classic (literally) in the shops.

Sound: The sound is very good and especially the gun noises and the monsters.

Gameplay: The gameplay is superb and is so hard to complete because its such a long game.

Graphics: The graphics are very good and makes the enviroment look realistic and cool.

Altogether I would give this a 905 out of 100% because it is a gamecube classic. excellent game worth buying.
metroid review Added 11 Sep 2003, ID #736
hi there,
i want to start by saying this is the first metroid game i've played but i've played as samus aran in SSBM.this game is the best game on gamecube.much better than that crappy wind deserves(this game)94%.go metroid prime.
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