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9 Bionic_Hedgehog 26th May 2005 78% Read Review
300 Prime_Hunter 17th Apr 2006 94% Read Review
515 Jam Jar 21st Jan 2007 92% Read Review
543 skyline_2fast_luffy 17th Feb 2007 96% Read Review
915 videogamer021594 26th Jul 2008 82% Read Review
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Metroid Prime: Hunters Added 17 May 2010, ID #13756
This was a really fun game. The single player was ok, but it seemed like it was just having you go to the same places and fight the same bosses over and over. The best part was the multiplayer. It was fun because the levels are so detailed that everyone has a different strategy! There are different types of multiplayer challenges, and that means that there are lots of different ways to play each stage. This is a really fun game. and get
MPH Review by Jam Jar (MPH Mod) Added 25 Feb 2007, ID #2197
This game is a definate buy for new and experianced gamers who enjoy shooting games, if your new you can fight the bots untill you think your good enough to take on players from around the world at different skills. As you play other humans you gain points which increases your rank meaning you get to play better players who will probably beat you but with practise you could become the greatest hunter in the world.
What I think of Metroid Prime Hunters Added 14 Aug 2006, ID #1191
Metroid Prime Hunters is a action packed game with better graphics then the Playstation 1 will ever have. I believe this game can go into a series with adding on hunters and hunters everytime. I may stink at video games but I love them and this game is a loveable game. You have aliens, cyborgs, and a human ready to battle it out in games like prime hunter, capture, and the most important battle. You can go shoot, blowing up hunters, sett them on fire, electricuting them and freezing them. I would give this game a 4.5 out of 5 just because they don't have vehicles.
Awesome! Added 20 Dec 2004, ID #10
This game has excellent graphics. The training mode is cool but the multiplayer is incredibly fun.

I can't wait for the complete full version.
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