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1273 Glitchmaster117 5th Sep 2010 82% Read Review
1342 Mewthree56 31st May 2011 82% Read Review
1385 whiteShark 13th Dec 2011 88% Read Review
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Metroid: Other M Added 4 Jun 2011, ID #4516
This game takes place at a time when Samus completed her mission to eliminate all metroids. She soon gets a distress signal from a location nicknamed "The Bottle Ship". When she gets there she meets up with her old Galactic Army trainer and his team. In the game, you walk around with your team for a while and are intoduced to the new controls. Then you and you and your team split up to look for info. The story switches back and forth between Samus' past and the present throughout the game. The graphics are amazing and easily match all of the other Metroid games' graphics. The game also has a lot of exra stuff in it. You have missle tanks and your health tanks. One thing most people are dissapionted in are that you can't scan things like in the Prime series. But by far the coolest extra is Ian's helmet at the end of the game. It is really hard to get but has no purpose. This game gets a big fat 9.5 out of 10. and get
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