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973 dragonx254 18th Oct 2008 80% Read Review
1106 bman64 14th May 2009 74% Read Review

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Metroid Fusion

Finaly after her eight year absence from our consoles Samus is back once again with a good plot, great game play and excellent replay value. Graphics: 89%The graphics on this Metroid are stunning for a 2-D platformer on the GBA and it takes full advantage of the GBA\'s multi-color abilitiys. Plot: 87% Some good bits some bad bits some bits that make you aww. Gameplay: 94% Now we're talking brilliant weapons and suits just goes to show the creative side of Nintendo. Overall 93% A must-have.


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Added 26 Jul 2006, ID #8724, by CormDude and get

Incredible graphics for the Game Boy Advance. Great story and awesome weapons. I recommend this for Metroid fans because it is simply a masterpiece. 9/10


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Added 9 Aug 2004, ID #3146, by mindyoulater

When I first started playing the game I was very interested and started playing---very addictive---it pulls you in and makes you want to keep playing till youve got a headache and your eyes hurt. It's kind of short for my taste---for a Metroid game.

Graphics---9/10---for a gameboy game

Story---10/10---very intense and exiting---goes together well

Sound---10/10---able to express EVERY emotion


Fun---8/10---can get VERY frustrating at times

Secret Stuff---10/10

Gaming Level--HARD--after you've beatn 2-3 times--INTERMEDIATE

Overall Rating---9/10---very good-loved it the 1 time and still playing


No thumbs

Added 16 Jun 2004, ID #2645, by kaiba650
Great, but is scary to some

This game is great for metroid fans, but for little ones you better be ready the game has great graphics you can tell what something is and is a puzzle at sometimes and there are some shocking and creepy music plus there is some thundering moments and its creepy and at some points like you know those halloween sounds and you play it on a CD player and theres creepy music well in the game their is some "Give you the creeps music" the music is heroic and sunddenly the music changes into terminator mode and it makes you jump.

Well anyway it may give little ones nightmares, but it is an OK game for 7& Up. Otherwise it is a great game and great for smart ones who can find a pattern and figure out puzzles.


No thumbs

Added 24 Mar 2004, ID #1980, by Good Cheats
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