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422 HitmanOfJax77 25th Sep 2006 74% Read Review
483 miles thompson 24th Dec 2006 88% Read Review
632 War_Gamer67 7th Jun 2007 90% Read Review
1009 Triple Threat 20th Dec 2008 62% Read Review
1295 Guest 17th Dec 2010 90% Read Review
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8.4 of 10!!! A D**N GOOD GAME! Added 6 Nov 2006, ID #24170
This game is the most addictive game ive ever played (execpt Runescape) ( ..... Ok the first part was easy as hell .....
But catching Song was semi-hard and it wasn\'t too hard!
Ok I MAY submit walkthrough for this game later in the month...MAYBE!
My ratings 1-10
Graphics maybe a 8.2
Gameplay 10
Interactivity 8
Realism 7.8
Historical Accuracy 5.1 ( not very important lol)
Addictiveness 11 of 10
overall 8---9 and get
Mercenaries Added 12 Jul 2005, ID #16056
in a way this game reminds me of grand theft auto but not as bloodey and your not a bad guy so this is very fun to play and its also vey addicting so it takes a while for you to stop playing so i recomend this game to everyone who likes shooting games
Added 19 Feb 2005, ID #13111
This is a great game and you should definatly buy it. The graphics are great, easily the best explosions in any game. Gameplay is great, this game could last you for ages, its huge with tonnes to do. Buy this game!!!
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