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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ABOUT ME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Gender: male
Name: UMA
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Fixing cars, baseball, football, rollerblading, partying,

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Hollister Jake
Favorite Foods: Chicken, Cesar Salad, lobster, Turkey Burgers
Favorite Drink: Coke, Ice Tea, Lemonade
Favourite Colors: yellow
Favourite Anime: N/A
Favourite Songs: Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
Favourite Person(s): My Girlfriend
Favourite Book: N/A
Favourite TV show: The Buried Life
Favourite Movie: I Love You, MAn!
Favorite Season: All of em! winter (snowboarding)/Spring(Baseball) /summer(the Beach!)/fall(football)
Favourite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite Animal:Cow Duh!
Favorite Games: Madden NFL series, NFS series
Favorite Forums: FG, general chat, SC times, music, sports
Favorite Candy: Dark Chocolate
Favorite Clothing:Abercrobie, hollister, American Eagle
Favorite Sports:baseball,football,snowboarding

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ME & SPORTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am as big of a sports fan as anyone else on this site. I know a bunch of facts about sports of the top of my head. I am a Lacrosse player, football player (American), and snowboarder. My favorite teams are the are those from detroit, as I'm a Michigan native.
If you need to contact me my AIM is X411imconfusedx. Or just find me on the forums. I will most likely be on the Forum Games forum, Sports, Music, Any pokemon Forum, SSBB, GC, or Supercheat Times forums.

Enough of this nonsense KTHANXBAI


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