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About roxas1

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hey everybody, im roxas1

where do I live in-North Carolina

what I like
-hang out with with friends real and in sc(i consider sc friends as real friends =)
-play games, especailly adventure and stragetics
favorite games-kingdom hearts and final fantasy,ssb's,sonic the hedgehog series and many more but im too lazy to type them all LOL
-looking out for my e-sis and e-bro (including worrying about them LOL)

what im like
like any other people around the world, i like to chat with friends and making plan to hang with them and what to do in sc. i type and post incredibly fast so i hope u can keep up haha. and im quick to anger so dont go any where near there but luckily i know how to control it, and i also like to have good times and luaghs.

-very sarcastic
-75% serious
-happy go lucky person
-easy to work with when theres problems
-fun person

friends and E-family

namine03(My SC Wife....the special someone)
emeraldrafael (an extremely good friend,and my E-bro)
ShadowStriker64 (lol this guy does not know how to give up in a fight and he is an awsome friend,E-bro)
clarissasy03(my girl BFF)
rayquaza8025(one of my best friend me and him look outfor each other, so you other people better watch out, also me e-bro
Will d (mr ramdom)(best bud and E-bro)
-R.R.(great guy and E-bro)
_white_shadow_(awsome bud and E-bro)
dnextreme88(dont see him much anymore and E-bro)
I_am_Naruto(same thing and E-bro)
piplup911(a good friend who i lost due to a problem here in sc and E-bro)
pokemaster1197(awasome guy and E-bro)
Shadows™(big lugia fan lol and E-bro)
SpaceGodzilla(always obsessed with killing me with his little monster lol jk and E-bro)
tricky14!(awsome guy one of my first person who welcomed me to sc and E-bro)
Blue Rose(a good friend who looked after my team even when i didnt ask her)
Brandex(good guy but need to appear more on sc lol)
Chaos Sonic(the guy who loves sonic i bet lol and E-bro)
mrsolo3000(.................... and E-bro)
pokemon151(good friend and E-bro)
RJdog1000(the guy who likes to have pokemon battles with me lol and E-bro)
sora101(my younger bro, me and him look almost the same in life and the main reason why i chose this username)
your average kid(he liked using kirby in ssbb and E-bro)
zubat101(the girl who share the same common interest, the eevee family lol and E-sis)
wasabi Z(a good friend and E-bro)
megaprotodude(good friend,though i wish sora101 would get his name right)
tenko(good friend and E-bro)
kyo(lol at this guy he's always doing something crazy and e-bro i guess lol)
aura_master51(haha this guy is always making fun of his sis and E-bro)
TWILHGT PRINCESS(lol she spelled her name wrong but oh well, she like the legend of zelda just like me :D and my E-sis)
menaceSG(i didnt know to long but enought to know that he has a thing for space, like me and E-bro)
crazy joey(a good friend and his self-centerness makes me luagh all the time lol,E-bro)
Evee(a great friend)

tell me if i miss you or didnt mention you

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