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well hello folks this is my smegingly bad bio. i am not a good typist. so bare with it eh

well a tiny bit about me then
my name hear is obviously neptis. but you may call me ether neptis neppie(what some folk hear use to call me)
neppy(what some folk hear use to call me)
martyn(my real name)
Bel-Te(alternate and shut down account hear)
Tev-ion(alternate and shut down account hear)
neptis01(a highly un nowen and alternate account hear currently unused and shut down)
Charazu( old BPL members only)

well thats not all of the names but thats all i am disclosing in my bio

i am which you will find out soon unless you have been round a while . a smegingly bad speller. and i am no Einstein with my grammer ether. but you will get used to this.

i can also be a bit sensitive aboput it. but thats getting rarer now.

um i am a big minecraft fan. i play Guild wars 2 evry now and agen. i play star trek online evry night. the same with planetside 2. i am a keen pixel artest(i make things pixel by pixel in paint,Photoshop or gimp) but not nesiserly a good one.

ennyway. im going of now to ether get myself killed constantly in planetside 2 or kill constantly in planet side 2 (i recommend only 2 clases in the game the infiltrators(snipers thay are) or the heavy infentry(anti evrything troops)) good night and live long and prosper


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