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Hey, my name is Jake, you can call me Jake, king, or king26, really depeneds on how well you know me. If you do know me then you know I hate when people spell my name with a capital "K".

When I am active on SC i like to post all over the place.
This means you will be able to see me all the time, LUCKY YOU!
The major places you see me are General Chat, both GFX & Artworks, Sports, SC Times, and FF & RP.

Now I am going to tell you about my real life an my life on SC.

SC Life Goals Completed:

1. Has been a Moderator.
2. Is a Pro Submitter.
3. Gotten to the SECOND ROUND of the SC Brawl.
4. Gotten 5500+ posts.

Future Goals:

1. Become a Moderator, again.
2. Becoming an Super Moderator.
3. Getting 10,000 posts in 2 years.

Real Life Goals Completed:

1. Lived to be 15.
2. Have been a great basketball player.
3. Has been a straight A student my entire life.

Future Goals:

1. Graduating.
2. Finding someone who loves me for who I am.
3. Support my family, with a solid enjoyable career.

I love sports, all but baseball. >:p
My favorite music is rock, my favorite band changes day by day.
I like Pokemon, DBZ, Kingdom Hearts, and sports games.
My favorite gaming system is the Playstation 3.
I am good at Guitar Hero.

Now, im really conserened if you read this whole biography becasue it is boring so your lucky im not evil, because other people on this site would vertualy beat you with a stick, but im nice so looks like you got off easy.


Thats about it, see you surfing on this wonderful website!

bye bye,


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Team Ultimate Revenge
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