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Salutations and many nights of fortune to all. My name is Emeraldrafael, though most just call me Raf or Rafi. A few things about? Well lets see...
->I'm sixteen as of May 2008, I do still enjoy Pokemon games and Yu-Gi-Oh cards(no I'm not ashamed to admit it), my friends and I are genrally philosophers and peace-makers.
->My full title is Sir Anthony, 15th Emerald Knight and First of the gemstone order. I protect those who are teased or picked upon and helps others in need, without resorting to fighting. My sword is Pledged to Seth Vilo, I am at your disposal Sir, and will be a voice of calm and reason on the Message boards.
->I won't bother listing friends, casue I consider everyone my friend.
->My Inner Demon is Shell, Fang's son. The Unveiling Gazelle Tiger
->My inner pet is a german shepard.
->Other titles:
Team: White and Dark Knights Order Title: White knight, starlight knight. Sir Anthony, the Emerald Knight, Sword: Emerald Unicorn(emeraldrafael)
Team: GSS(GlobalSkatingSociety) Title: Rafael with a board named Caballero
Team: Order of Hearts Title: Sir Anthony, Keyblade: Spellbinder
Team: Seven Great Demon Lords Title: Belphemon
Team: Eeveelution Escapade Title: Anthony, The Mellowed Vaporeon, Fifth to Escapade
Team: Nations of Angels Title: Sir Anthony the Ebony Prince

My E family: E bros: Galladepwns187, Lucario Warior, AloneTm, Spiderdude
E sis: pokefan 96, Snowfire
E wife: Zaara

A few quotes:
"I don't want to be famous. I just want to be known."~Me

"If you do not have pride in yourself, you can not have pride in anything you do."~Ryan Razanski

"That which is done out of love, is done beyond good and evil."~Kid at my school.

"Envy is ignorance, but imitiation is suicide."~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"Life is never silent. Man may kill instruments and songs, but the heartbeats of free men shall ring on."~ Sir Jake (self-banished) Sapphire Musician of the first Gemstone Order.

So, I type stories and poems. if you care to read them, they are on quizilla. here's the link to my stuff:

->Members of the Order:
Sir Anthony the Emerald Knight, First in the Gemstone Order(Myself)
Sir Nick the Ruby Mage, Second in the Gemstone Order(Currently without representation)
Sir Cameron the Diamond Paladin, Third in the Gemstone Order(diamonddragons)
Sir Michael the Fearless Sapphire Warrior, Fourth in the Gemstone Order(Warrior13)
Sir Seth the Sapphire Bowman, Fifth in the Gemstone Order(Seth Vilo)
Sir Will the Sapphire Knight, Sixth in the Gemstone Order[Will d (mr ramdom)]
Sir Anthony(Tony) the Emerald Dragonslayer, Seventh in the Gemstone Order(Rangerman)
Sir Julian the Sapphire King, Eighth in the Gemstone Order(DeadWing)
Sir Josh the Diamond Timecontroller, Nineth in the Gemstone Order(theMOORE_ofDEW)
Lady Lily the Diamond Swordswoman, Tenth in the Gemstone Order(Zubat101)

->The remaining Order members can be found on the first post, first page, of the Initaition Hall thread On Gemstone Order team.

Well, I know I cant be around all the time. So, heres where you can email me if you have a question, or just wanna say hi. I may not get back the next day, but I will get back as soon as possible. Promise. Just please state your username, or something I can identify you by.

Email: RafaelW_6@msn.com

that looks good. Yep, just about everything is there.

you can find me elsehwhere online at:
and Archive Of Our Own

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